Charissa's Wishlist


  • Fantasy Romance (Can be Historical Fantasy)
  • Historical Romance
  • Historical Fiction with Romantic Elements
  • Sci-Fi Romance (No alien romance, please.)
  • Urban Fantasy
  • Contemporary Romance (Especially rom-com.)
  • Women's Fiction with Romantic Elements

Elements I love:

  1. Heroines with agency.
  2. Diverse characters.
  3. Romance that makes you cry or laugh or swoon--extra points for all three.
  4. High concepts, unique premises, and unusual characters.
  5. Well-researched historical tales.
  6. Stellar world building.
  7. Works set in under-represented cultures and time periods.
  8. Books about books.
  9. Series potential or series plan (State in the query if one of these is an option.)

Note: City Owl does not publish erotica or YA, and the team is not currently accepting dystopian, gaslamp, steampunk, or contemporary fantasy.

When submitting to me, please put the following in the subject line:

ATTN: Charissa | Query |  Title of Your Manuscript

Paste the query into the body of the email and attach the first ten pages. See City Owl's submission guidelines for more details:

Submission rules: Please only submit manuscripts that have been through at least two rounds of edits. These do not have to be professional edits (that's our job!), but they should be self-edited, beta read, or partner critiqued.

Submission Email:

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