WIP Update & The Grammar Wench

I had another descriptive word for the wench that is Grammar, but I decided it might not be best to scream from the rooftops my distaste for The Rules of the English Language. So, I chose wench instead…Somehow that sounds so much nicer than the expletive I picked out πŸ™‚ Still bad…but better. Trust me.

Anyway…I just wanted to do a quick post this morning on the editing process and grammar.

I am currently in the rewrite/revision stage of novel writing. For those of you that don’t know…


It is, however, frustrating much of the time. But not because of the writing. I LOVE writing.

What’s frustrating are the ERRORS. Wait…should that be is the ERRORS? And was it okay to use that ellipsis after the word wait? Should I have used What is instead of What’s? What about starting that sentence with And? GAHHHH!!!

This is very similar to the process I’m going through now with my WIP.

I have a 90,000 word novel. 90,000 WORDS. That ‘taint a little book. And by the time this is over, I will have meticulously scoured each and every one of those words.

If I didn’t love writing so much, I would call this process Writer’s Hell. But…odd as it is…I don’t mind it. (OMG…should I end that sentence with a preposition? Wait…it is a preposition, isn’t it? Crap).

I know…I’m crazy.

And if I’m not already, I most likely will be by the time I finally write the words: THE END and prepare the MS for send-off. (Holy #$%@! Should I use that dash or not?? What about that colon? And what is it with me and adverbs? THEY ARE THE ENEMY!)

Anyhow…As you can see, this is going to be a lengthy process.

One of the most annoying things I’ve noticed in my writing is that even after basically branding my brain with the knowledge to use strong verbs, I fail. Almost every time they’re needed. ANNOYING.

Instead of was smiling, I should say beamed or grinned or anything other than was smiling. I tend to use the word WAS as a crutch. It’s my lazy word. And I use the heck out of it even though I know better.

It’s like the rules in my brain don’t make it to my fingertips as I’m typing.

So…I will trust the huge stack of grammar books on my desk to guide me. And most likely a really good editor.

What about you guys?? What’s your crutch? 

And…for future reference…I am adding The Grammar Girl widget to my sidebar. πŸ™‚

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  1. Though I try to keep grammar in mind while drafting a novel, I save most of that for revision. That's where I hone in on the language, read it out loud, search for that perfect word.

    What's my crutch? The words around and just. And a load of other problems that my lovely beta readers point out.

  2. 1) Nope, it is a pronoun–you're safe using it at the end of a sentence.

    2) Grammar is not what hounds me in the editing process. Strong verbs upon occasion, and the incidental adverb… but my editing Kryptonite is description. I'm horrible at it. I have to do one whole revision looking at nothing but description. *sigh*

    But! I am done editing for now! YAY!!!

  3. Great post.

    Grammar Smammer – love it and hate it. I probably have those same books on my desk. I also have a son who excelled in grammar. When I have a tough Q, I go to him.

    Commas are my enemy.