Why You Should Follow Blogs

I am a member of SheWrites and I recently started a group there to connect writers who use Twitter. I named it SheWrites/Twitter Connect.

Boy, was I off base there.

The women that have joined thus far are from a variety of backgrounds and genres, and they all, just as I, use different forms of social media. And I’ve been lucky to get to share with them through them all: Facebook, Goodreads, Twitter and most importantly, blogs.

I think I should have named the group SheWrites/Social Connect. But oh well. Hindsight is 20/20 and I don’t think it matters anyway.

The women comment and add all of their social links for all the other members to follow. It’s sort of like creating a social web and I love it.

But…through all the means of connection, I’ve found their blogs to be the method I prefer to get to know them. And let me just say….there are some talented and wonderful female bloggers out there.

I have learned so much from these ladies over the last couple of weeks since our group began. Following their blogs and all the others on my blog roll has become an essential part of my day.

I wake around 6 and read for a good hour. I find inspiration, motivation, laughs, and tons of helpful info. Sometimes I find exactly what I needed to get me over a writing hump, and other times I laugh til I cry. I know it takes time, but I truly believe that following and reading other blogs is an essential part of a writer’s growth.

Don’t keep yourself inside a little comfortable bubble. There is a whole world of writing and life wisdom out there. Go get it. It’s free and even better…you get to make friends along the way.

This is why you should follow blogs.

So seriously. Go. 🙂

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  1. Thanks, Charissa, for starting the group on SheWrites. I agree, reading blogs is a great start to the morning and I've found using Google Reader is a big help.

    One thing I appreciate about Twitter is the sharing of links to so many great blog posts.

  2. Hi Angelina. And you're welcome. I like Google reader too and my Blogger dashboard is awesome. I also agree with you about Twitter. So much information there. Thanks for commenting!

  3. Following is a major, major help. I highly recommend it. And thank you so much for your book list on my blog; I wrote you back a small novel in the comments (not literally, but a lot). lol

  4. Charissa, you're so right. I have just recently ventured into the frightening world of social media and I've already met so many SMART people – and actually enjoyed myself much more than I expected to. I was just about to ask you for a list of YOUR favorite blogs, and then I saw the "blogs I like" link right over there ————————–>

  5. So glad you started the group on shewrites (and thank you for following my blog)! Social media has been so much more for me than reading/writing blogs/tweeting! I have made great friends and gotten amazing support. Thank you for your work on shewrites & for being a new blogger friend!