Why I’m Done With Vampires..Temporarily Anyway..Maybe

     I’ll be the first to admit that I became a little obsessed with vampires after reading Twilight.  Okay…really obsessed..I mean…really….what red-blooded female didn’t?  (Except those who just have to go against the majority and hate everything…!) 
     What was there not to love about the seductive and sweet version of bloodsucker dished out to us so pleasantly by Stephanie Meyer?  We women were given something (besides shopping and cooking and kids) to bond over, and it spread like gossip at a papparazzi party.  We attended midnight movies and bought Twilight tee shirts like schoolgirls, and embarrassed our children to the nth degree.
    Vampires were IN. 
     Everything else….momentarily…..was out.  Bookstores even devoted entire sections as VAMPIRE FICTION.  And women….hooked and looking for something comparable to read after Twilight….were literally devouring those areas of the bookstores.
    Now….was Twilight the most well written novel ever???  No.  It wasn’t.  It never claimed to be and really didn’t have to be, because Meyer was able to create characters that the reader fell completely and utterly uncontrollably in love with.  She hooked us, and over four books and a couple thousand pages later, still had us wanting more.  That was brilliant….even if she hadn’t planned it out that way. 
     But…..even though Twilight brought down a mega shockwave throughout the reading world, trends ultimately fade.  So…Granted….I own all four hardback copies of Twilight and it will probably always hold a special place in my heart, but nothing else has compared in the way of vampires, as I am sure is the case for many of you out there, thus the trend begins to lean in other directions.
     I even re-read the original story that has lived in our psyche for what seems like ages:  Bram Stoker’s Dracula.  The difference was that Meyer’s vampires were much closer to human than most stories ever allowed them to be before.  They weren’t all cold and calculating…they had compassion and basic human desires and found a way around their plight to exist as normally as possible in their difficult state.  That made them relatable…and wonderfully addictive.
     All this being said….as wonderful as they are…..I have to lay down the vampire freak flag for a while.  There are other books out there worth my love and adoration.  But….I can’t help it….Edward Cullen will always be the bomb, and I will still be in attendance at the midnight showing of both Breaking Dawn movies, wearing my Forks High School tee shirt proudly, as eager as I was when it all began….

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