Why Bloggers Should Be Stalkable

Okay…Just a little blogging food for thought today since I’m elbow deep in rewrites:


If you want people to visit your blog, they have to have an easy route of access. For some it’s Facebook. For some it’s Twitter. Some want to see you everyday in their e-mail and some check their RSS feeds through Google Reader. 
What does that mean?? It’s simple. You don’t have to do any of the above, but if you want more readers, you should seriously consider giving them access to you.
I visit a couple dozen blogs every week and I’m always amazed at how many I can’t follow through Google Friend Connect (that little box of faces you see in my sidebar). That’s how I check the blogs I follow. The feed shows up in my blogger dashboard every day. 
That being said…I’m also always amazed at how many people follow me via RSS feed. That number is always more than my Friend Connect. 
So how do you make yourself stalkable?
  1. Know your RSS feed. Need help? Click here.
  2. Add follow buttons to the top of your blog so they are visible. For instructions on adding the buttons I have, click here. (Don’t like those? Google it. There are tons.)
  3. Add Google Friend Connect to your sidebar. Quite handy.
  4. If you don’t choose the buttons I have, make sure the ones you select have an e-mail option.
  5. Get on Facebook. Link your blog to Facebook so that every time you post, it goes straight to your feed. 
  6. Be a Tweeter. (Great writing community!) Simply Tweet each post. There is also an automatic Twitter feature, but I prefer manually Tweeting posts so I can add different hashtags as I see fit.
Boom. By doing these six things, people can access your posts via RSS, e-mail, Google Friend Connect, Facebook and Twitter. You give them options and yourself visibility.

If you don’t like Facebook or Twitter, that’s fine…Do what makes you happy. But be sure to give readers the other methods to follow you.

That’s it. Over and out 😉

Happy Writing Everyone!! And if you’re Nanoing, I send you lots of cheers!
Have a great weekend…

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  1. I wish more bloggers knew this. It's sad when they spend so much time posting and people can't leave comments or become followers. Wonderful post!

  2. Twitter has been a major source of traffic generation to me. I don't have the GFC box, because I can't seem to add the widget properly from WordPress to Google, but I do have a good number of subscribers through RSS. I have everything I want to read emailed to me–email acts as a central hub for a lot of my online activities–but I was surprised at how few people tend to go the email route.

    Great post!

  3. Thanks for the tips. Now I just have to figure out what all those things are. I am slightly techno-challenged. I love the thought of being stalkable, though. Makes me feel like a celebrity. Maybe there'll be a someone filming me getting out of my car in the Winco parking lot!

  4. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this post. I was actually able to add all of those buttons to my blog (and almost completely without my techy husband's help). Thanks!