Why Aspiring Isn’t Such A Bad Thing

A couple of weeks ago someone told me I should remove the word ‘aspiring’ from by blog title.
*ok to insert gasp here*

I have to admit that  it rubbed me the wrong way at first. I’ve worked hard on this blog, spent many late nights and early mornings beating html to death and writing hopefully useful content. To have someone I didn’t know   give me unsolicited advice about my blog just bothered me. That’s like telling someone they have an ugly child.


So…of course, a blog post was born.

And it made me think.

When I claimed my status as a writer, and we all know that isn’t an easy thing to do, I never associated the word ‘aspiring’ with it. Once I wrote that first paragraph, I wasn’t aspiring to write any longer. I was doing it.

When I decided to blog about the experience of completing a manuscript and all that entails, I automatically wanted this blog to be informative to others who share my goal of being published.

A Day In The Life Of An Aspiring Author seemed fitting, because, yes, I am the author of a blog, a few short stories, and a partially completed manuscript, but my goal is to be a published author.

Maybe I should have clarified that in my blog title, but A Day In The Life Of A Writer Who Aspires To Be A Published Author was a little much. 🙂

Now, granted, I didn’t think about the future of this blog. What happens when I no longer aspire? If and when I actually do get published?

Well…maybe this blog will continue on as what I envisioned: A resource for writers on the journey to publication.

Who says I can’t ‘author’ a blog for aspiring authors and have my own author blog/website as well one day?

To me, this is all ‘counting your chickens before they hatch.’

Right now I’m still beating my manuscript into submission, a process I have come to understand takes time.

Right now, I am still aspiring, and I’m okay with that because it means that I am working to attain my goal.

There was a time when writing a novel was just a dream I hadn’t chosen to chase, when all aspiration to make the leap into becoming a published author did not exist. I had given up.

Now, the aspiration does exist, and I am chasing the dream, and I’m glad that I decided to aspire to be an author.

**Be sure to check my Writer Resource Tab at the top of the page on 8/1/11! I am in the process of updating it with tons of useful info and links.

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  1. I understand what you're saying. One thing I've learned here in the writing world is to do what feels right for you. It's your work, your blog, your writing journey. We learn and tweak along the way – but in the end, it should be about what brings you to feel the joy of writing.

  2. Charissa, You can call it whatever you want because it's yours. It's like following some arbitrary writing rules…only take what works for you and the rest can be tossed and then you keep on growing.

  3. A lot of people have a lot of opinions. And some will tell you that they are only trying to help.

    Which is lovely.

    But ultimately, we all make our own way and have to be true to that. I totally understand the title. And even after being published, you could just add "…and everything that follows" or something if it really seemed important. 🙂