What’s Your Favorite Weekly Meme?

I’ve never participated in weekly memes much, though I have to admit that I can see the usefulness of them when they are done right.

A meme is basically a topic or idea that spreads from person to person via some form of technological source whether it be a social network, a blog, email, etc.

In blogging world, a meme is usually a topic that is shared among blogs, linking to each other’s sites thus creating a web that connects blogger’s readership. It also lightens the blogging load for the author of the blog since coming up with a new topic every day can be trying sometimes. It’s nice to have a reliable meme to turn to.

There are a few problems though:

1. If you ONLY use memes for blog topics you fail to bring YOUR original content to the forefront. Use memes wisely. Preferably, use those that still allow YOU to show through, because your readers want to know you or else they wouldn’t be a follower.
2. It can get boring. Predictability is boring. Be careful that the meme’s you choose are not generic but thought provoking or fun. It must still engage the reader. They should benefit in some way by reading the post, whether they are simply getting insight into a list of your favorite books or a link to an informative post.
3. Even if a meme is successful, even if it has a few hundred participants, the chances I or you will see it isn’t that great unless a blog we follow is participating or we see it hashtagged on Twitter. Therefore, if you want to start a meme, understand it may take a while to even get a spark.

So….because of #3, I’m going to ATTEMPT to put together a list here of WRITING/BOOK MEMES.

There are databases on Google that list many other types of memes for blogs, like Manic Monday’s for Moms…(I made that up)…and you may want to participate in those, but since I’m a writer and I blog about writing and literary stuff, as do most of my friends in Blogland and Twitterverse, I’m sticking to memes that either have a literary theme of some sort or can be related to a literary theme.

So here we go…this list will be added to and updated as I find other memes. If you know of, participate in, or have created a meme that is not here, please comment and let me know so it can be added!

Any Day or Week Long
The Story Siren: In My Mailbox
Book Blogger Hop
Library Loot

Give me your feedback!!

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1 Comment

  1. I've also heard of Wordless Wednesday, which is a blog post in pictures.

    I love your idea for Favorite Post Friday, and I think I'll use it quite frequently when my blog goes M-W-F in the fall. It's nice to be able to pass on a good post, and it also does lessen the pressure to constantly be creating content.