Verbs and Line Edits

Yesterday, on The Writing Resource, I posted links about building a better Strong Verb Vocabulary.

For most of us, it isn’t that we don’t know the words, but that we simply don’t use them. My rough draft is littered with linking verb + ing phrases. Wait…did you catch that??

My rough draft is littered with linking verb + ing phrases.

How could I re-write this sentence? First…I need to find the action and build the sentence around it.

Action? Littered.

Linking verb + ing phrases litter my rough draft. 

See? Just a little restructuring.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

I’m studying sentence structure and all that fun grammar stuff as we speak and let me just say…it can get overwhelming. There are moments I want to scream. Line edits are going to royally, unequivocally suck.

I hear this is a common sentiment.

You’ve written thousands of words only to look at them with utter dismay. Errors abound. You question EVERY SINGLE WORD.

So…before I go ripping my WIP to shreds, I decided to learn a little more. OMG…I now question every sentence I write. (I decided to learn more before ripping my WIP to shreds).

What about you? Do you do line edits? If so, what’s your rule of thumb? Does it drive you CRAZY?

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