Updates, M.D. Waters and Why You Need to Remember That Name

Happy Friday, everyone!

I want to start off with a quick writing update. I’m revising the Urban Fantasy manuscript I started in mid-January and plan to query by late-summer. Taking my time, getting it right, and leaning heavily on my critique partners right now for guidance and insight. A process I know works. Because not so long ago, I had the privilege of helping my Writing Wife, Misty, polish her own book for query.

We’d critiqued and revised before. Many times. It was almost a daily activity for us, going back and forth in email and on GoogleDocs and text messages, learning as we went. But this book was different. THIS WAS THE ONE for her. I knew it in my gut from the first page she sent me.

I’m not sure I can ever explain how much I learned in that revision process alone, and the months to follow would enlighten me even more on both querying as well as the publishing industry.

This leads me to M.D. Waters and Why You Need To Remember That Name.

So just who is this M.D. Waters, you ask? M.D. Waters is now the pen name for my CP/Right arm Misty Lenz Waters, seen above, being as mischievous as usual 🙂

Why do YOU need to remember that name? 

Her sci-fi/thrillers Archetype and Prototype will debut in 2014, released by Dutton/Penguin, and they’re awesome dipped in chocolate. Her sale to a Big 6 publisher happened in 2 weeks. And it went to auction. I wish I could post a book cover, but that’s top secret and her agent would have to kill me. I can tell you that she has overseas offers as well.

Where can you follow Misty?

And just a tiny glimpse into the first book….
So what are you waiting for?? Go check her out. You won’t be disappointed. Cross my heart 😉

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