Update on Show and Tell

Well….my efforts to gather a few writers for a fun game of Show vs. Tell worked out great!  As of right now, I have the following commitments:

Carrie Harris…Author of Bad Taste In Boys which will be released in June of 2011.
REALLY funny lady…Too kewl

Mark Souza…Author of numerous stories that have been published in anthologies.
Writes some scary stuff…And he’s awesome!

C.A. Marshall…Freelance editor, literary agent intern, and YA writer.
Very helpful and a great Twitter follow…

Michele Shaw…YA writer and great Twitter peep.  Check out her blog.
Really cool and really sweet…You need to know her…

Julie Lindsey…Writer extraordinaire and creator of Musings From The Slushpile.
Amazing and funny and driven.  I like her bunches…

Hallie Sawyer…Historical fiction writer and really cool person.  Check out her blog Write for Me and follow her as she makes the journey through completing her first novel.  Love her…

The first Show vs. Tell will be next Thursday.  Maybe I’ll get a couple more friends to join in by then. We need a little sci-fi and a little historical romance…LOL.  Hopefully, we’ll have a new Show and Tell post once a week for a month or so.  These people are awesome for helping but also incredibly busy, so show them love by following their blogs or following them on Twitter.  (Click on their names to follow on Twitter).

Thanks Everyone….

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