From The Traveler query, which I hope to send out the spring of 2018!

17th-century Englishwoman and guide of lingering souls, Abigail Shaw, has spent her life warding off spirits of the dead. When a mysterious magick lures her to the River Thames, she stumbles upon a murdered man and becomes unwillingly bound to his memory-shattered soul. Desperate to rid herself of the specter, Abigail sets out to discover his identity. What she finds is the dead man’s double in London, the 17th-century incarnation of Leo Hewett, a traveler from another time.

Abigail learns the only way Leo’s soul can cross to the afterlife is by returning from whence he came, a place she cannot know and a world he no longer remembers. The two embark upon a tumultuous journey from 1640’s Stuart England to the court of King Louis XV, 19th century Constantinople to the roaring twenties of New York, the frontlines of WWII Italy to 1970’s Washington, DC. Each lifetime reveals their lives are more entwined than they ever anticipated.

They have a past—in the future. One wrong move could not only ensure Leo’s earthbound eternity as a ghost but also Abigail’s complete erasure from existence.


“Remember,” she said. “In the end, we’re all like heavenly bodies, each a moving part of a grand design we cannot possibly fathom.”

My foray into short stories only occurred recently. I found short fiction to be a fabulous way to rid myself of the plethora of ideas always competing for attention in my mind. Yeva was my first and will be on submission in 2018 along with The Hinterland stories, Haven, and my first flash piece Annushka’s Shoes. I hope to write many, many short stories in the coming years, and will even send some out for free via my newsletter, so sign up for that if you haven’t. Thanks for visiting!

*Haven will be published in the two-volume anthology The Haunted West by 13Thirty Books. It releases on May 19th, 2018 at the RT Convention in Reno and will be sold at the Giant Book Fair. Thereafter, the anthology will be available for sale on all publishing platforms. 




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