The Plot Whisperer

If you don’t know the Plot Whisperer, I suggest you get to know her.

Martha Alderson was the first online writing presence I came across when I started this journey. Thank God.

Her blog, Plot Whisperer for Writers and Readers, is a must follow and her resource page on Blockbuster Plots was the first wisdom I read that gave me a good grasp on what I needed to do in order to form a strong novel.

The most valuable thing I learned was this: Character Plot, Action Plot, and Thematic Plot are the main threads within the fabric of a novel. Leave one out, your story will unravel. Maybe you have all the threads, but one is weak. A weak thread can break.

Think of stories you’ve read where something just doesn’t seem right by the time the book ends. Something might feel unfinished, incomplete. Maybe the character didn’t transform enough, maybe the action plot didn’t make sense, maybe the underlying theme didn’t resonate.

You reduce the risk of that happening if you consider and build all three of these core elements for your novel.

I try to see them as threads. I make sure I’m pulling each one through each scene.

But to do that, I truly believe you have to work at it. Building a world from scratch along with complicated characters, all while weaving in undertones of thematic significance, is not an easy task.

But it will be a little easier if you get to know the Plot Whisperer.

She has a YouTube channel and a series of videos to help guide you.

Best of Luck…and Happy Writing!! XOXO

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  1. Thanks to Google Alerts I found your incredibly generous blog post. Thank you so much, Charissa for all the kind things you have to say about my work.
    Deepest gratitude now and forever,
    Happy plotting,
    martha alderson
    aka plot whisperer