The Plot Whisperer Review, Interview & Giveaway: Coming Soon!

I had the pleasure of receiving a copy of The Plot Whisperer’s new book: Secrets of Story Structure Any Writer Can Master for review!

On October 26th I will not only post a review of this fabulous writing tool, but also a question/answer session with Martha Alderson herself. On top of that, I’ll be giving away a copy of the book & a $15 Amazon Gift Card (which never expires) to a lucky winner.

This is what I need you guys to do:

  1. I want my questions for Martha to come from my readers. Any questions about plot? This is the person to ask. Just leave the question in the comments. 
  2. When you comment, you are automatically entered to win the book. Tweeting/Facebooking about the contest gets you ONE EXTRA entry and blogging about it gets you TWO EXTRA entries. All you have to do is let me know in the comments which you’ve done. I’ll tally the totals 🙂
  3. ENTER!!!!! This is a fabulous guide. Structure IS an essential part of writing a novel whether we want to face it or not 🙂 Read this post by Kristen Lamb to find out why.
That’s it! I hope you all get involved! I’d love to see what questions you come up with for Martha and I’d also love to see you get a hold of PLOT & STORY STRUCTURE and tackle them like a linebacker 🙂

Happy Writing!!

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  1. I am so psyched, I cannot wait. I just read this book. I posted a short snippet about it on my blog the day it arrived from Amazon, last Tuesday I believe. I loved it & I now have a huge plot diagram drawn on butcher paper hanging above my desk. She is the first person who ever explained the right vs left brain writer (along with strengths & weaknesses of each) to me in a way that made me fully comprehend it.

    I don't need to win her book because I have it, but I will definitely promote your interview & giveaway.

    I do have a question. I am considering retaining her services as a plot consultant & I have a big question about the difference between the hourly consults & on-going ones. Sorry so long. I just love this book. In the short time I have had it it has changed the way I write. I own just about every writing how to book & this is by far the most useful & practical for helping writers see the big picture. Congrats on the interview & I will be back with bells on.


  2. Question for Martha: tips on tying stray characters into the plot line?

    Also, I tweeted (@nerdfighter2012).

    I'm new to your blog, but I love it! It's really inspiring me more to continue writing and developing my skills.

  3. Hello Charissa,

    I found this site because I have been following Martha on her blog tour always loving any information I can get on plotting.

    One question I have for the Plot Whisperer:
    I take it that the Dramatic Action Line is the main plot. What about the sub-plots. Are they another line that is tracked on the scene tracker?

    Thanks for any information!

    And Charissa you have a wonderful blog here with a wealth of information. Thank you so much!

    Jan K.