The First “Day In The Life”…

     Well……Today is my first attempt at blogging. 
     I am currently in the process of writing my first novel that has become a true labor of love over the last two years.  I will blog every day about the process and my journey through the wonderful experience of social networking in order to develop my “artistic platform.”
     In other words……I need reader support.
     I apologize in advance….as I am extremely technologically challenged…but I hope this ends up being a fun site for those who decide to follow. 
     Now I know that not everyone has the same tastes in literature, so I will say in advance that if you like fantasy, suspense, or chick lit, you are pretty safe here.
     I’ve also tried to add fun widgets to the blog to give the followers a daily dose of something new.  There is a widget for Free E-Books, one from Amazon that gives great book recommendations, and an MP3 clip player of some of my favorite writing music.  I will definitely add to this widget as time goes on so always check it out.
     So…as for today, I have done zero writing other than this entry!  The day has been helplessly filled with computer jargon that I’ve never heard before today and hours of sitting glued to the computer screen trying to make this blog look good…….Hope it worked! 

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