The Fantabulous Blogger: Friday

Sunrise at the Beach

I have to say that I’ve enjoyed blogging about other writers this week while I’m on vacation.

My stats show great page view counts, so I hope you guys are following these amazing authors, writers and bloggers!

Today’s Fantabulous Blogger is Paranormal Author, Jami Gold.

Jami blogs over at Beach Reads With Bite.

Now…I knew I liked Jami when I clicked on her “About Me” page and noticed a blue streak in her jet black hair. If my daughters wouldn’t run for the hills every time we are in public, I’d have a steak or two as well.

Then…after finding out who Jami is and quickly learning from her bio that she’s not only funny but agrees with my belief that all writers are a bit….well…..bizarre, I visited her blog.

It’s now one of my MUST READ Blogs of the Morning. Jami blogs about everything from grammar to plot to Twitter and gives some of the best advice on the web for writers.

So go check her out!!


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  1. Wow! Thank you so much, Charissa. And I'm looking at the others you've included in this series and I'm…Wow. Speechless, I think. 🙂

    *raises hand* And yep, I'll cop to "bizarre."