Tempting The Billionaire Giveaway

There’s nothing quite as wonderful as free books. It’s right up there with free chocolate and free money. And this giveaway is REALLY easy to enter.

Tempting the Billionaire, by my friend and debut author, Jessica Lemmon, is set to release on January 8, 2013 from Grand Central. 

Over the next few days, you’ll see more posts by me and Misty D. Waters as we team up for a fun interview with Tempting’s hero, Shane August, and his creator, Mrs. Lemmon. 

Fun and a little naughtiness is sure to ensue, and I’ve got a little giveaway of my own brewing behind the scenes. 

But for now, Misty is offering up free books.

All you gotta do is….


This is Shane the Billionaire btw

How hard can THAT be??? Send Shane August (@lemmonyfiction) your best pickup line via Twitter using the hashtag above. The contest will run until December 29th, midnight.

Shane and Jess will choose their fave pickup line each week and Misty will pre-order an e-book copy of Tempting the Billionaire from the retailer of your choice! (Barnes or Amazon)

Doesn’t get much easier than that! And oh, the fun to be had 🙂

Get wicked, people 😉

To read an excerpt, visit Misty’s blog HERE.

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