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Hey guys!

I have created a newsletter! I say that with enthusiasm because I am not always the most tech savvy, but I DID IT. The Monthly Courant will contain lots of goodies.

1) An interesting or little known historical tidbit

2) Updates on my writing and publishing journey

3) News about my travels

4) Freebies for writers, like awesome plotting worksheets, etc.

5) Freebies for readers: If you sign up now, you’ll get to read a couple samples of my current works in progress.

6) Book Giveaways. I plan to do the giveaways every quarter, so March will be my first giveaway month.

7) Book recommendations

I promise not to spam you. I’ll send out ONE email per month unless something amazing happens.

You can sign up here:

Don’t forget to check your email and confirm.

Thanks for your support!

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