Stay Tuned For Sporadic Blogging

SOOOO!  As some of you know, (twitter peeps), my little internet thingy/air card/modem was mysteriously demolished in my home last Friday and no one is admitting to the crime.  See evidence below.

THEREFORE….until it is replaced, (which could possibly take eons since I spoke to a customer service person in Bolivia who I couldn’t really communicate with), I will blog sporadically since my internet availability is..well..sporadic
Waiting for public WiFi  to connect has not been a good experience for me.  Unless I hold the computer in just the right position in just the right corner of the house, I get nothing. 
And then…when I do get connected and finally begin blogging…like now, as I sit upstairs huddled in a corner with my laptop balanced on my knees (the left one has to be higher than the right one btw)…I lose signal and all is lost and I am left cursing at my computer and wanting to fling it out my upstairs window.  So…to save me from having to buy a new laptop, I will wait patiently for the Fed Ex or UPS man to deliver my new little internet thingy.
In the meanwhile, I will attempt to blog, but if you don’t hear from me, just know it was because “staying connected” got the best of me. 
Wish me luck… 🙂

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