I have come to the realization that I am somewhat scatterbrained….or maybe I’m just a really good multi-tasker…regardless…you may get motion sickness from the wild ride you will take when reading my book suggestions.  Why???  Because I have bibliomania and have no self control when it comes to reading and hoarding books!
     This problem seems to have affected my choices in books that make it to my TO BE READ list.  SO…there is no telling what you may find when you visit this blog….but I have given fair warning!
     I love books…all books…cookbooks, how-to books, teen books, literature, classics with those amazing leather or linen covers, non-fiction, memoirs….you name it….if it’s a book, I want it, and if it’s funny, exciting, moving, or just downright earth shattering, you can bet that I’m gonna post it on this blog!
     Non-fiction, however, is usually the last section I visit in the bookstore because I like escapism and hate reality.  But…I love non-fiction that tells an unbelievable story…non-fiction that makes you say wow…not oh, poor thing.  I don’t like to cry and I don’t like to read non-fiction that is just someone whining about their life….you know the ones.  We all have problems….but I tend to lean toward books that tell of amazing journeys or completely abnormal circumstances. Thus….I have two new updates.

     First….The Tiger…by John Vaillant.  In 1997, an endangered siberian Tiger is hunted as it makes it’s way through Russian villages on a killing spree that is considered to possibly be a vendetta.  True story.  Absolutely awesome.  Review coming soon.

     Second….A not so new story, but since it’s the first time I’ve read it, I’m posting it for others.  Into the Wild by John Krakauer.  I’ve seen the movie, which was phenomenal and disturbing, and now I’m reading the book.  In 1992, Christopher Johnson McCandless left his family, gave away $25,000 he had in savings to charity, abandoned his car, and began hitchhiking his way to Alaska.  He enters the wilderness of Mount McKinley by himself, but four months after beginning his journey, he is found dead by a moose hunter.  The events that led to his death are why you have to read this book.  Also…watch the movie!!Review coming soon.