Research and Revision

Today I begin the excavation and resurfacing of my novel and I decided to take a minute to blog about that process.

Every writer researches at some level for their work. An understanding of setting, time period, skill sets, etc. is necessary for a novel/author to feel reliable.

Now…How much research is required depends on the amount of detail the author wants to provide/or is needed, and the type of book being written.

For me, there is an expansive amount of research to be done, much of which I did when I started writing this story.

But…that’s where the revision part comes in to play.

Revision is really just another word for rewriting…And it often creates a need for deeper research as inconsistencies become more visible.

And let me just say…The revision process is where much of the time dedicated to writing a novel is absorbed.

You slash and burn words, sentences, paragraphs, pages and even whole chapters. Characters are removed and some are added. Some leap unexpectedly off the page and become more significant players than before. Conflict becomes more visible, requiring you to take advantage of it by altering dialogue and scenes. Then you are faced with the task of repairing what is left so that you end up with a cohesive work.

Like I said: This takes time.

I know writers on their sixth and seventh draft. It is a process that is an exercise in patience and dedication, that is for sure.

And I begin today…on draft number two. Yikes.

What about you? How have revisions changed your novel? How have they led to further research? What draft are you on?

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