Red Riding Hood

Yep.  It’s true.  Hollywood has put their spin on Little Red Riding Hood.

The movie is about a beautiful girl, Valerie (Amanda Seyfried), torn between two men, Peter (Shiloh Fernandez) and Henry (Max Irons).  Peter is the outsider…that her parents don’t approve of…and Henry is the wealthy boy her parents have arranged for her to marry.  Valerie and Peter decide to run away, refusing to be torn apart, when they learn Valerie’s sister has been killed by the wolf that has haunted their village for eons.  The villagers have managed to keep the beast at bay by sacrificing a human every month…until now.  The villagers consult a famed werewolf hunter (Gary Oldman) to help them kill the beast as it continues to kill, but he informs them that the beast takes human form by day….and could be anyone.  Valerie, of course, has a connection to the wolf, and therefore becomes a suspect and also bait.

I have to say…after watching the trailer, I could definitely see the visual similarities to Twilight.  But…the movie is directed by Catherine Hardwick, so that makes sense.

Does that make me want to boycott the film?


Twilight had some horrible moments that I needed to scrub from my brain, but it also had a few that made me forget the eye-flutters-from-hell.

I’m a sucker for movies like this, though I won’t be standing at the ticket box waiting with excitement on opening day.

Instead…I’ll wait to hear the reviews before I cart my family of six to the movies for a $100 night of entertainment, even though the fact that Gary Oldman and Billy Burke are in this movie give it extra points.

In the meanwhile…here’s the trailer for your viewing pleasure….or not.

Tell me what you think?  Interested?  Will you see it or pass?

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