Possibilities In Paranormal

I want to start a discussion today.

So we’ve all read a vampire book or two.

Maybe we’ve read a story about a ghost. Or a witch/wizard. Even faeries and aliens. Werewolves. Zombies. Angels. Demons.

This is the stuff Halloween is made of. They are all ideas embedded in our psyche because they have been a part of our culture for such a long time, handed down from generation to generation.

When you see the word vampire you automatically associate certain ideas like blood, fangs, coffins, bats, and pale skin. Witches? Pointy hats and noses, brooms, spells, and cauldrons.

Writers have done a brilliant job with changing and twisting some of these ideas, evolving each entity as the years go by. Take Twilight for example. Even if you hate it, you have to admit that never before had a vampire sparkled. Add in the drama of teen angst and a love triangle between a human, werewolf and a vampire and BAM! You have something intriguing to readers because it’s different from the norm.

If you read Friday’s post, you know I went to the bookstore. Just to let you all know…I did good. Showed restraint. I purchased ZERO books this time, but I did make a few mental notes on novels to add to my TBR list.

As I walked through the rows and rows of books, I started paying attention to how many books existed with a paranormal bent. The point?

How much can we squeeze out of these ideas? 

That question evolved into this one: 

Is it possible to create a NEW entity in the paranormal realm? 

Has that window closed? And what would it be? How can something NOT embedded in our psyche become a new sort of legend?

Will there ever come a day when some new unnatural creature takes its place among vampires, witches and ghosts?

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  1. I'd like to think that someday, someone will come up with a new legendary scary monster. I wait for that day with such anticipation!
    I know that most of the things we use in paranormal have come a long way, except for one and that is zombies. I have yet to find a good book with zombies in it with a different twist on how they became zombies to begin with. Oh well…maybe someday. 😉

  2. Great question! I think that there's always room to reinvent old tropes. A big thing right now appears to be pushing back against the romantic vampires and werewolves and making them monsters again. Since horror succeeds by and large according to how tightly its pressed up against the pulse (no pun intended) of what's scaring a society at that particular moment, I think it would be pretty interesting to do a vampire or werewolf that was a parallel to terrorism. (Pretty tricky to avoid inadvertent racism, though.) Or child molesters, since people are always terrified for the children.