On Conflict

Since I’m still elbow-deep in re-writes and crit buddy Misty Waters is holding my feet to the fire so that I can get this thing finished, I’m re-routing you guys to a fabulous post on CONFLICT.

The post, via Kristen Lamb, pretty much sums up the difference between conflict and bad situations. I once blogged about how bad things seemed to just always happen to my protagonist rather than her actively participating in the conflict. By always agreeing and doing what everyone else wanted to do in order to attain the main goal, I CREATED A PASSIVE PROTAGONIST. Can you say, BORING? The stakes just weren’t high enough.

Anyway…I realized this long ago and I’ve fixed the issue. BUT…we can always use a good reminder.

As Kristen says…Fiction is the path of greatest resistance.

I love that.


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  1. Uh oh. One of the last critical responses I got from an agent was to say my MC is a bit passive for her taste. I realized the part she's talking about in my MS. I actually did it on purpose, to make the reader feel her frustration, her biting her tongue. But perhaps I should re-read and reconsider how I wrote it.

    I agree with you that improving a character's active role keeps the story engaging. A character who doesn't DO anything but just tags along isn't as fun to read about. And I'm definitely going to have to go read that post!

    Also, I'm following you now. ^_^