Never Give Up

“Being defeated is a temporary condition.  Giving up is what makes it permanent.” –Marilyn vos Savant

“Our greatest weakness lies in giving up.  The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.” — Thomas Alva Edison

     Dear Defeated Writer,

     I have a little story to get your spirits up.

     Once upon a time there was a little girl who wanted to climb a mountain.  It wasn’t just any mountain.  It was THE mountain. 
     They called it The Beast.
     Thousands of other little boys and girls tried to climb the mountain.  Day after day they would come to the foot of The Beast and stare fearfully before braving the rugged terrain that lead to a beautiful snow capped peak said to have the most beautiful view in all the land.  Few eyes had ever seen it. 
     Some of the climbers were prepared, their backs weighted down with the proper tools, and others were clueless of the feat they were attempting.  She studied the other climbers.  For months she came to the foot of The Beast and watched them.  She learned the technique and skill of the few who made it to the top.  They all struggled.  Some of them took many days and many tries to make the journey, they faced obstacle after obstacle, but they never gave up. 
     It was those people that succeeded. 
     But for every one that succeeded, another failed.   They walked away from The Beast cut and bruised and tired.  Many cried and many vowed they would never climb again. 
     The little girl felt sorry for them as she watched them walk away from their dream and worried she might fail as well.  What would the townspeople think?  Her mother?  Her father? 
     She had come too far to turn back now.  The journey would be long, this she knew, and lonely, but in the end it would be her journey that others watched.  It would be her journey that others studied.   
     And so she began the climb. 
     After a few hours on the mountain she realized why people gave up and came back down.  It was scary.  Every step was unsure, every decision a question.  Often she would look down and think about giving up, but this was her dream.  She had to try.
     Sometimes she had to stop and climb back down a bit to get a better route, and sometimes she had to rest as her body and mind were too tired to face the mountain.  It cost her time, but this was not a race, she reminded herself. 
     Hour after hour she climbed.  Time after time she worked and re-routed and re-planned her strategy.  Day after day she put more distance between her and the foot of the mountain where she’d begun her journey. 
     Until one day she reached the top.
     She sat at the peak and looked out over all the land.  The view, seen by few, was now hers.  No one could ever take this from her. 
     And then she looked down the mountain.
     There were countless others trying to make the climb.  Some were stranded and some were moving back down.  And some were following her.
     So she did the only thing that seemed right.
     She headed back down the mountain and reached out a hand as they came.  She helped each one to the top, showed them where to put their feet, showed them where to put their hands.  She shared her skills, many she learned along the way.
     Because after seeing that view, she knew no one should miss it.

Never give up!  And always support your fellow writers…..


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  1. This is lovely, Charissa…thank you! I'm an aspiring author, and though I finished my WIP, the editing is killing me – this is uplifting πŸ™‚

    Thank you so much for stopping by my site (i swim for oceans) today…I'm following you now!