My Top Ten Blogs and Sites for Writers

I’m not sure I could survive a day without reading from my favorite writing blogs. 
Why?  Because I firmly believe that you must understand the industry in which you are attempting to exist and before submitting a manuscript to an agent or publisher, you’d better know your craft.  You must always be willing to learn!
The blogs on this list are the ones from which I have taken much knowledge and encouragement and I recommend them to anyone making the journey toward publication.

Without further adieu…..

  1. Nathan BransfordWho is this person?  Nathan is an author and former literary agent with Curtis Brown Literary Agency.  Though he has moved on with his career, his blog remains a vast wealth of information for writers.  Why do I love this?  Because Mr. Bransford is honest and nice.  I know that sounds vague, but it’s the truth.  I don’t feel intimidated or dim-witted or condescended when I read his posts.  Instead…I feel like I’m getting the simple truth.  Query this way instead of that way.  Develop characters like this instead of that.  The bottom line is he is trustable and helpful and I have learned from every post I’ve read.  This one is a must on your list.
  2. Pub Rants by Kristin NelsonWho is this person?  Kristin is a literary agent with Nelson Literary agency.  Why do I love this?  Again…Kristin is nice.  Polite.  She tells it like it is without crushing your dreams.  Her blog is also a gold mine for writers with questions about the publishing industry and what to expect from it.  Topics range from querying to what to expect from a book deal.  This is the most thorough blog for writers that I’ve come across.  Again…definitely a must.
  3. Bookends Literary Agency with Jessica Faust : Who is this person?  Jessica is owner/literary agent with Bookends Literary Agency.  Why do I love this?  Knowledge.  Jessica covers so much on her blog.  It contains tons of info on querying, contracts, what agents expect, what to expect from your agent and how to prepare for submission.  Click and read, read, read.
  4. Rants and Ramblings by Rachelle Gardner : Who is this person?  Rachelle is a literary agent with Wordserve Literary Agency.  Why do I love this?  Well….because like the others named above, she covers everything.  Have a question about querying?  Submission etiquette?  Blogging? Contracts?  The craft itself?  Then read her blog…..the answers are there.
  5. : What is this?  Your number one source for grammar and punctuation rules.  Why do I love this?  If you’re going to write and write well you will probably need to freshen up on grammar rules.  It’s the nature of the beast.  Plus…many questions come up while writing.  Do I put a comma here?  Is this a split infinitive?  Do I use that or which?  This site gives you the rules plain and simple.  Again….a must.
  6. Seth Godin’s Blog : Who is this person?  Well….Best selling author…creator of Squidoo…former VP of Direct Marketing at Yahoo!  Owner of incredibly popular blog.  Why do I love this?  I love this blog because it makes me think.  I don’t necessarily click over to this site for writing advice as much as I do for inspiration which is a necessity if you are trying your hand at blogging.  This is a great site full of fabulous posts about, well, everything….Check out the archive too!
  7. Copyblogger : What is this?  A blog about using social media and writing compelling content…written by Brian Clark…a pretty cool guy.  Why do I love this?  Because it’s just good advice.  Brian covers everything from how to blog effectively to grammatical errors that make you look dumb to how to use Twitter.  THIS IS A GREAT SITE, PEOPLE.  FOR REAL.  READ IT.
  8. The Plot Whisperer : What is this?  The blog of a genius by the name of Martha Alderson.  Why do I love this?  Because I am a pantser at heart and I need all the whispering I can get to help me nail down plot.  Granted….not all of Martha’s plot tools may be of help to you, but I can guarantee you’ll leave her site with a new understanding of creating and developing plot.  Check it out before you write 200,000 words that end up nowhere.
  9. Write to DoneWhat is this?  Literally….unmissable articles on writing.  No joke.  Why do I love this?  Motivation, inspiration, effective tips….motivation…didn’t I already say that?  Yes.  I did.  This site motivates me.  I love the Habits section.  There is so much on this site….blog, freelance and fiction writing are just a few of the main topics.  Go.  Now. 
  10. The Fiction Factor : What is this?  An online magazine for fiction writers.  Why do I love this?  Because I write fiction, this site is a necessity.  Thus…if you write fiction, you should be reading the articles located here.  I’m not sure if there is anything that is NOT covered on this site.  PLUS…they have sister sites for more specific guidance in your genre niche, like sci-fi writing or horror or romance.  This. Is. An. Essential.

I hope you’ll utilize this list and read from it!  I cannot express the value that is displayed here.  Writing a novel….a good, publishable novel… not an easy process.  So why not absorb every single drop of information you can?  It’s here.  It’s readily available.  It’s overflowing.  You just need to read it.

Good Luck!!

What blogs or sites do you swear by? 

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