My 2011 Resolutions

So!  It’s been a while…

After my last post, I drowned myself in the holidays, family, writing and beta reading for a great writer.

And now 2011 is here and I, like millions of others, am making resolutions.

I know…everyone makes resolutions and few succeed, but I’m making them anyway.  I think it’s important to set goals….as long as they are within your reach.  Dreaming is great…I’m a dreamer…just remember to be reasonable and resolve to do things YOU actually have a say in.

For writers, I think it would be a big schmackahooly mess to resolve to, oh, let’s see….Get a million dollar book deal.  Or to even…get a super agent.  You have no say over these things. 

Set yourself up for success.  Even if it’s through small, easily accessible goals.

My advice is to ALWAYS make goals attainable. 

So here is my list…

  1. Make no resolutions that are beyond my control – I can’t resolve to get an agent this year, because I can’t make that decision for them.  I can however resolve to A) Complete my current work in progress and have it edited, B) Set a goal for queries and send them, and C) Start manuscript number two.  All of these things are within my ability to contol, so they top my list.
  2. Be loyal to the Blog….I resolve to structure my blog posts and blog regularly.  It’s therapeutic and cathartic and helps me think, so this is a must.
  3. Be more Earth friendly….No more plastic bags.  I have my own shopping bags and never use them.  I resolve to change this.  I’ve already cut out foam plates…which means I wash dishes more…but oh well…
  4. Be Healthier…Most people make the resolution to lose weight, but I just want to be healthy.  Full of energy.  This is hard when you spend hours at a desk all day…so…now I have a stationary bike and weights beside my desk.  I resolve to do 30 minutes to an hour of exercise every day.
  5. Go kayaking.  I resolve to do this.  I want to kayak at Deception’s Pass with whales and seals if I make it back to Washington this year.  If not…there are rivers and lakes abounding here in Tennessee.
  6. Go camping and hiking with my family.  I know this might sound silly, but it’s been years since I’ve been camping.  I have a house full of girlsgirly girls…they aren’t fond of sleeping on the ground with creepy crawly things and surviving in the wild like neanderthals with no electricity, but we’re going.  No flat irons, no running water, no microwave or television, and no cell phones glued to our ears.  My children will think this barbaric, but it will happen.  Like it or not.  Because I say so.

That’s it.  It’s not a long or impressive list, but it’s mine!  I wish everyone all the luck in the world for the New Year! 

What resolutions have you made?  Writing goals?  Environmental?  Health?  I’d love to hear!

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  1. *winces* Was I supposed to make a resolution? LOL, um . . . I totally didn't. A goal this year? Totally. To get those nasty revisions done so I can get me one of them there fancy agents. Sounds like a plan to me!
    On another note, your show and tell month gave me the idea to do a blogest just like it which is next week if you want to check it out. 😉