Music Monday

Okay, so I know Music Monday isn’t a regular thing around here but I’m writing hot and heavy today and I needed a short post 🙂 I’m attempting to finish the rewrite of my WIP by the end of November so I can get that draft out to all my beta’s and critique partners.

So!!! That being said, here’s some music for you. You may love it, you may hate it. I’m aware my music taste isn’t for everyone 🙂 But…who knows? Most of you know how I feel about music and writing so take a listen. Maybe one of these songs will inspire you or make you think of one of your characters.

Happy Monday & Happy Writing Everyone!

**And don’t forget that Martha Alderson will be here Wednesday!! I’m sure she’ll be glad to respond to comments so be sure to visit. PLUS…you could win her book and a $15 Amazon Gift Card. FREE STUFF is always good! Especially this book!

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  1. Great selection of music. I've never heard of Mariah McManus before but I'm going to start looking for her music.

    I love Andrew Belle and I love how artistic his family is. His father is an excellent artist (he does pencil drawings). I got an Andrew Belle album for free by "watching" his gallery/account.

    Anyway, that you for sharing!