Music Making Me Happy

This week’s blog posts are limited because I am working diligently on The Writer’s Resource, a one-stop site that will hopefully direct writers to some of the best blog posts and articles on writing that the web has to offer.

The Writer’s Resource should go LIVE sometime late Monday. (fingers crossed that I actually get it done)

On top of that, my muse has attacked me and I’ve found myself knee-deep in rewrites on my current WIP: The Awakening of Katherine Shaw.

So…in an effort to save time, I will blog a few times this week sharing some of the current music in my CD player. I know…I should have an Ipod…I’m archaic.

But anyway….If any of you bloggers out there would like to submit your top-read posts on writing, I’d love to have the link to them to add to the site. Or, if you don’t blog but you do write and you have a list of go-to posts on certain topics, send them my way.

You can leave the link in a comment or send it to my email. (see About Me)

**And I want to thank all the Fantabulous Bloggers I chose from last week for being so gracious. They are truly a group of awesome women.

Now….without further adieu…here is the first video.

This song is addicting so BEWARE. The name of it is Horchata by Vampire Weekend. It’s a fun song that makes you want to dance on a beach. I chose a fan made video because I love seeing their creativity.


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