More Music: The Foster People and Janelle Monae

I’m blogging about music this week.

Why? Because it’s easy and I have a couple projects that are commandeering 99% of my time. Hey…I’m honest. 🙂

After making the selections for today, I feel like I need to give a disclaimer, so here it is:

**Disclaimer: Most people think my music choices are weird so listen at your own risk.

I, of course, don’t think it’s weird. And…I listen to every genre just like I read every genre. I grew up learning to play Beethoven on the piano, yet I wore out my mother’s Karen Carpenter album and fell in love with a man named Barry Gibb by 8-track. Later, when I was a teen, you could find a Led Zeppelin cassette in the player right next to a recorded tape of The Moonlight Sonata. For those too young to remember such a contraption, this is a cassette player, aka boombox:

This will not fit in your pocket 🙂

I study music like I study writers and their books. If it’s unique I usually love it.

And the following artists are definitely unique.

First up is a band by the name of The Foster People. This is why I like them: They write songs from character viewpoints. It might not always be the hero, so this is where the disclaimer comes in. Keep that in mind as you listen and watch. The second video is a mini-movie and very creative. For lack of a better description, it’s sort of like Lord of the Flies meets Mad Max. Sort of.

The second artist is Janelle Monae. I was introduced to her via this year’s Grammy’s as I sat on my couch amazed by her performance. You’ll notice Bruno Mars on the drums and BoB on the guitar. Very cool.

Check them out…broaden your music horizons.

Have a good day everyone!

Pumped Up Kicks by The Foster People

Helena Beat by The Foster People

Cold War by Janelle Monae

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