Meet My Muse: Chocolate

It’s true.  Women NEED chocolate.

When I hear a woman say she doesn’t like chocolate, I wonder what horrible alien has invaded her body that she would despise such a miraculous invention.

Me?  I couldn’t live without it.  The hubs has learned that, even if it’s not on the list, an emergency trip to the grocery store for me means “get chocolate.”  Even if I just need cream of mushroom soup, he knows to bring back a box of brownies or cookies or an amazing Hershey’s bar.

Chocolate is a necessity for me.
I’m not sure I even realized how much of a necessity until last week.

I was wandering around Kroger when I stumbled onto the candy isle that wonderfully put all that rich goodness together in one place.  It was beautiful.  A giant wall of chocolate.
The caramel filled Ghirardelli looked amazing, as did the Godiva bars.

There was just one problem.

A giant box of Midol was sitting on the shelf, blocking my view of the little truffle thingies that lay behind it.

It was then that I realized that this grand wall of chocolate had been strategically placed right next to the tampons and pain relievers. 

I couldn’t help but imagine the poor pre-menstrual woman who was wandering down that isle and decided chocolate was better than medication to ease her hormonal situation.  Maybe she had just enough money for one. 

I totally sympathized and understood.  This is when I knew I had a problem because I would have picked chocolate too.

Now….fast forward a week to yesterday.

I woke up with an aching hip…yes I am too young for this but it happened nonetheless.  The thought of sitting and writing all day was not ideal. 

So…like any sane woman in pain, I made myself a hot cocoa (see picture…extra cocoa…in my favorite Pike Place mug) and warmed a triple chocolate brownie.

Before I knew it, the day was done, (early I might add), and I had a perfect chapter to show for it.  This is a phenomenon, people.

I NEVER consider my first draft perfect, yet there it sat, needing few revisions and saying everything I wanted it to say.  On top of that, I had 2…yes 2….blog posts written and ready to be published over the next couple of days.

I credit the chocolate.

It made my mood lift.  It made me happy.  Happy is good when you’re writing a romantic comedy.

And so…from now on, chocolate will be required before I sit down to write. 

It is now my muse.

How about you?  What does the trick for you?

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  1. *sighs*

    I agree; whenever I meet someone who claims not to like chocolate, I have to question their humanity.

    What a great blog post… Chocolate really does cure all, at least for me.

  2. it's a really good thing i'm reading this while sipping on hot chocolate. except now i want a triple chocolate brownie thing to go with it.

    down goes the chocolate, out comes the writing.