It’s Friday!!

This is going to be a super short post!

I’m getting away from the computer for a change today. Heading into Nashville with my sweet friend to do a little book ogling. I’m trying not to feed my addiction, so I’m really going to make every effort to not BUY any books today. I’ll just grope and drool over them 😉

If I fail, which is highly likely, I’ll let you guys know what deals I found!

I wanted to put a couple reminders out there:

  1. Remember that I’m giving away an eBook of The Willows: Haven by YA author Hope Collier on October 2. All you have to do is comment here.
  2. Tomorrow I’m participating in the Alzheimer’s Walk in honor of my mother. If you’d like to donate to my team to help further research, it would be much appreciated. Every dollar counts. Look for the big purple square in my sidebar!
Thanks So Much ~ Hope you all have a FABULOUS Friday and weekend!!!

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