I’m Back!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Holiday!!

I sure did. And though my break from blogging gave me a lot of much needed extra time to do all the holiday stuff people do, I missed being here.

That being said, my blogging schedule is about to change.

As most of you know, I’m trying to wrap up this manuscript so I can take the next step: Querying. I’m not sure being locked in a room with a thousand croaking, slimy frogs scares me as much…and if you understood my fear and loathing of that particular amphibian, you’d know I must really be freaked out.

And as my crit partner will tell you, I’m an over-thinking, highly analytical, ungodly critical judge of my work. I also have a pretty busy life.

Therefore, I need a little extra time in my day to dedicate to writing. Read this article by Chuck Wendig over at Terribleminds for 25 reasons I came to this conclusion 🙂

So! This is the thing: I’ll be blogging here every Monday and over at The Writer’s Resource every Thursday. For a while at least.

The point in the above referenced article that hit home the most for me was this: Your writing will never chase you-you need to chase your writing. 

And so many of us do the opposite.

I’ve reminded myself of a dog chasing its tail more than once. I’d find myself so wrapped up in blogging or trying to find some bit of useful information, an article or link that would lead me to some great truth that would ultimately be the one thing I needed to hear to make me finish this edit, that I failed at my end goal: FINISHING. Com. Ple. Tion.

Let me tell you friends, a typed up stack of paper IS NOT completion. It’s wonderful to see…it really is. It’s a huge step that a lot of people never make. But even then, it’s far from over. The work really just begins.

So! I’m still digging in, elbows deep in this manuscript, so I can say I’M DONE. IT’S TIME TO QUERY.

I think many of us fear the rejection and the seemingly god-awful task of hunting out an agent so much that we avoid it. We may not realize what we’re doing, but by lingering in our words we avoid that dreadful step. We stand just shy of the goal, too scared to face what’s to come.

Well I’m about to eat my goal for breakfast.

The New Year has brought me a renewed spirit, an abundance of ideas for future books, and most of all…a fearless attitude.

From the brilliant mouth of Chuck…(go read the post)…

Fear will kill you dead. You’ve nothing to be afraid of that a little preparation and pragmatism cannot kill. Everybody who wanted to be a writer and didn’t become one failed based on one of two critical reasons: one, they were lazy, or two, they were afraid. Let’s take for granted you’re not lazy. That means you’re afraid. Fear is nonsense. What do you think is going to happen? You’re going to be eaten by tigers? Life will afford you lots of reasons to be afraid: bees, kidnappers, terrorism, being chewed apart by an escalator, Republicans, Snooki. But being a writer is nothing worthy of fear. It’s worthy of praise. And triumph. And fireworks. And shotguns. And a box of wine. So shove fear aside — let fear be gnawed upon by escalators and tigers. Step up to the plate. Let this be your year.

Some music for your Monday!! My Moon My Man (Grizzly Bear Remix) by Feist

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  1. Hey Charissa! I'm a new follower via Alex Cavanaugh's Insecure Writer's Support Group.

    Ah, querying! I know thee well! Way, way too well.

    Take Alex's advice and use Matthew MacNish's blog (The Quintessentially Questionable Query Experiment) to get some great query feedback and critique. I did and it helped me, though to be honest, I've been querying off and on for a while now and have participated in as many query critiques I could find. So mine was well-honed by the time it made it to Matthew's QQQE.

    And only send a few queries out at a time and not to your absolute favorite agents. Give yourself time for feedback. And most importantly, do not query until you are absolutely positively completely and utterly sure your manuscript is as perfect as possible. Lesson learned in the query trenches!

  2. Yes! Jump in! The water's cold! But, you'll become acclimated to it after awhile… hopefully. I'm still getting used to rejections from those queries, myself.

    I have the opposite problem. I don't hang around polishing. I am a pantser and I edit as I write, so when I finish an MS I just want to pop it off to agents right away. I've gotten good and bad responses with that method. It may be time to revise my MS again, actually.

    I will tell you that querying is exciting and terrifying all at once. You have all this hope, but you're worried what they will say, if they'll like it, etc. I agree with Nancy. Polish the MS, let some friends, family, crit partners, whoever you trust read it and give feedback to improve it. Then just dive in! Good luck!

  3. That quote by Chuck really hit me. This isn't to do with writing per se', but it relates to the very fear that held me down and bound me. I'm so scared of failure, and even more-so of success, that I find myself incapable of taking chances. Especially with the economy in the state its in, I find the workforce to be the biggest one. I've always wanted to be a writer, regardless of the type (ex: Novelist vs. Journalist) but I've just been too scared to really, truly take a chance on it. I realize that life is nothing without chances, and would I really risk happiness for stability?