I’m Back!

I am officially plugged back in to the Online Universe.

My little modem thingy arrived this weekend and I originally thought I would shrivel and die without it. However…the honest truth is that after the first day…yesonly a day…I surprisingly didn’t feel disconnected at all.

During my time away from Internet Land I also took a break from all things writing related.  (I know…I hear the gasps now.)

What did I do instead?

I relaxed.  I listened to good music.  I cleaned house.  I cleaned my car (which is a big ‘ole Yukon XL…took an entire day).  I watched two movies…one in a theatre with my daughters and a friend and one in the comfort of my home.  I loved on my best friends adorable little boy.  I planned a vacation in the mountains.  I spent a day with my husband and then went out to dinner with him.  I nursed a sick child on Friday and began plotting out a Honey-Do list a mile long.  Saturday I had breakfast with my sweet parents and then I had my hair done..(looks pretty good).  Yesterday I shared the morning with my precious hubby in Home Depot as we went over said Honey-Do list and then I took a nap before taking on the Herculean task of grocery shopping.

And that was it.

There was, at times, an annoying little voice niggling at my brain trying to make me feel guilty for my blogging absence.  It reminded me that I could go to Barnes and Noble or Panera or a hotel parking lot for that matter, and use their free Wi-fi.  It kept saying that I could go to my neighbors and use their computer.

‘This is the age of social connection’…it would say.  ‘It is near impossible to not find a way to be connected…’

But I ignored that little voice.

And I enjoyed my vacation from the Internet.

My kids joked about how odd it was to see me without the laptop attached, and I initially felt like my right arm was missing…That being said, I realized I probably needed the separation.   

Now…I am rested and recuperated and ready to get back into routine.  My brain doesn’t hurt as much when I think about plot revision and editing and blog ideas.  I feel a little revived…not as overwhelmed.

So…I’m thanking whichever child of mine broke the little modem thingy.  Mom needed the break.

What about you?  Do you ever just need a break from the online world?