I’m An Author

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Writing the title of this post was just as hard as I thought it would be.

If you read this blog, you may recall me posting a bit of a rant a couple months ago because someone I didn’t know sent me the message that I needed to take the word ‘aspiring’ out of the name of my blog.

I was offended. But why? Granted…she wasn’t nice about it, and her advice was unsolicited, but…Was she right?

The answer that is stewing around inside me makes me a little sick. One, because I hate being wrong. Two, because the possibility that I’ve been holding myself back pisses me off to no end.

But…it seems some greater power wants me to get the point.

This weekend I received an e-mail from David Lansing, travel writer. This was the last line:

No matter what happens from this point on just remember this: You wrote a book. You are no longer an “aspiring” author. You are an author.”

This morning, I opened my morning blog roll. The first one I came to, and a favorite I might add, was: Tawna Fenske’s Don’t Pet Me I’m Writing. (See right sidebar..I’m giving away copies of her book).

On Tawna’s blog today, she talks about what it means to be a real author. In Tawna’s own words:

“Whether you’re a brand new writer with distant dreams of publication or someone who’s lost count of the number of weeks spent on the New York Times Bestseller list, you’re still a “real author.”

You have to remember that. The world is primed to make the unpublished author feel inferior, and that can kill your self esteem even more than a bad critique or an outright rejection.

You are a “real author.”

Now go write some real books, dammit.”

And so…as you can see…the universe MUST be trying to tell me something.

The truth, and I’ve said this before, is that sometimes we writers are own own worst enemy.

This morning I had to question why I allowed self-doubt to reign. Why I questioned my ability enough to label myself an Aspiring Author.

For me, I honestly don’t think I thought of it like that. Aspiring writer? Never. I was writing. Not aspiring to write. But Aspiring Author? It seemed fitting at the time because I did and still do aspire to be published.


Being a writer makes me an author. Creating with words every day makes me an author.

It’s hard to eat crow. Especially when you were wrong simply because you didn’t believe in yourself. As a matter of fact, it sucks.

But I’m doing it.

For now, I’ve “altered” the title of my blog to reflect my crow eating. Tell me what you think. 🙂

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  1. Yay! Great to hear, Charissa! I was worried at the beginning of this post that you were going to quit! Phew! Hey…wait a minute…way to build suspense, author:) You are wonderful. *hugs*

  2. I had to stop and think if I'd ever shared my dislike of the word "aspriring" while commenting on anyone's blog. Normally I try to keep my scathing denunciations inside my own head ^_^

    In order to avoid that writer/author distinction, I simply refer to myself as a novelist.

    Proud of you for finishing a book. Happy to see you owning it!

  3. Nice move. Love it!

    When I started blogging last February, I also had something like "an aspiring author's journey" or something like that. It didn't stay there too long.

    I give you a thumbs up!

  4. Good move!

    I once called myself an aspiring writer, years and years ago. The person I was talking to said "Do you write?"

    "Well, yes, of course."

    "Then you're not aspiring."

    Since then I've just called myself a writer. I don't really refer to myself as an author, however, aspiring or otherwise. Maybe I should start. 🙂