If The Genre Fits…Wear It!

A few days ago, while reading fellow writer, Julie Anne Lindsey’s blog – Musings From The Slushpile – I came across her post titled I’m A Genre Jumping Maniac, Are You?

Now…I have to say…Julie is a bit ambitious

I’ve called her Superwoman more than a few times for reasons that include her ability to write numerous manuscripts from different genres…probably all at the same time, blindfolded, with both hands tied behind her back.

I could identify with her plight, as I’m sure many newbie writers can.  Finding the right writing path is difficult for many.

My first novel, over a decade ago, would have fit into Paranormal Mystery.  Novel #2, and one so close to my heart I literally feel the tear ripping between the two as I say this, would have been Young Adult Science Fiction.

Would have been.  It still hurts so much my eyes water when I think about it.

My current work in progress is Women’s Fiction/Romantic Comedy…and so are the three I’ve already plotted and plan to write after this one is finished.

For me, that was how I knew what I was supposed to write.

As much as I loved my YA novel and the characters…oh, the characters (the ripping hurts)…I came to a point when I knew that after I wrote their story, I would be empty.  I had no other ideas anywhere near similar to theirs lurking in my head. 

But…like most writers…I did have a good collection of other possibilities and they all had one thing in common.

***They were funny, sweet, real love stories.

And I had a list…characters…settings…story lines…the whole she-bang. 

This made letting go of my YA only slightly less painful, but I believe I made the right decision. 

But what if I didn’t?  What if I get 969 big fat REJECTIONS on my little romantic comedy?

Well…I have three more waiting to be written.

And if those are rejected??? 

If I am still sane enough to keep writing, I suppose I will jump genres and finish my beloved YA.  Until then…I am a women’s fiction/romance writer.

So…if genre jumping is a problem you are experiencing, my advice is to sit down and categorize your story ideas.  See where your creativity leans and then…claim it.  Focus like never before and develop your own niche.

Do you agree?  Are you a genre jumping fool? 


  1. Whoo Hoo! Charissa joined my crazy train! I knew you had a front row seat when I read how Super I am on here LOL OhEmGeee! LOL!! (Thanks for the mention BTW.)I love your fortitude and tenacity of spirit! I will be the first on your blog tour one day soon, promoting the daylights out of your debut novel!!! Can't wait! You Go Girl! LOL You forgot to mention I'm seriously lame.

  2. Charissa! She is double chocolate whipped awesomesauce, isn't she? She's the ONE blogger/writer/supermom/cyberspace jumper/contest winner/contest writer/article junkie that keeps me inspired, writing and IN LOVE with this crazy life of mine! I'm in, I'm in, I'm ALWAYS in if it means I love it THIS much! I'll be there too, rooting for you and your novel! Sharing the WrItInG PoWeR!!! YAY!

  3. I am a genre jumper. I have been writing women's fiction with a supernatural thread and I am in the waiting for ever on Full MS requests to come back in (rejected or not). While waiting, I have outlined the sequel to my first – the continuing aventures of my heroine with some repeating characters. But…waiting stinks and I get somewhat dejected at times, thinking why write a sequel when the first might go no where. I could turn the sequel into a stand alone – but would rather not. So, I have been trying my hand at some realist lit and some YA. Both I think my true passion is women's lit with supernatural elements – its my favorite to read – so I hope I can stick with it.

  4. I had a similar moment about a year ago when I realized my genre is Jane Austen sequels. I'm revising first now, and I have two more ideas in mind.

  5. I guess I'm a SUBgenre jumping fool. LOL I write romance, and that includes historicals, and romantic comedies, and I've started a paranormal. I didn't intend to be a jumper, but different intriguing stories presented themselves to me, so I had to run with them. They all share a common thread–humorous situations, witty banter, sexy characters–so it keeps it all together I guess!

    Donna Cummings