I Think I Might Love Urban Fantasy Thanks To The Fever Series

I recently inhaled The Fever Series by Karen Marie Moning thanks to Twitter Peep and fellow writer/blogger Misty Dawn Waters.  (You can visit her blog Writer’s Block here).

There are FIVE books: Darkfever, Bloodfever, Faefever, Dreamfever, and Shadowfever.

I’ve always been one for reading fantasy in general.  But traditional fantasies like Lord of the Rings, The Sword of Truth Series, Stardust, etc. have always been my preference.  I even choose Fantasy/Superheroes over reality based movies.

But….I have to confess that my experience with Urban Fantasy has been limited.  I’ve read a few books in this genre but none of them ever captivated me like The Fever.  As a matter of fact, the couple I read were so lackluster and ridiculous that I turned away from a genre that I should, by all accounts, love.

My first WIP, now that I look back on it, should have been Urban Fantasy.  I was trying to shove it into a Young Adult skin it just wouldn’t fit in. 

So what is Urban Fantasy?

Well…this is my LOOSE definition/explanation:

Urban Fantasy describes fantasy that takes place in modern, urban settings rather than imaginary worlds.  It takes the view of a modern world and makes the reader see it with new eyes.  As in the Fever Series, a new world lies right beneath your nose instead of another planet or another time. 
This can hold a challenge for the writer because they have to take an ordinary world that the reader relates to and make it extraordinary.  They can’t rely heavily on explaining away certain circumstances ‘just because that’s how it was then, in that world.’  They have to dig deeper, place mythical or supernatural creatures in a world we all live in every day and make it seem, well, somewhat possible.

While the lines between genres and subgenres often seem to blur, it is really noticeable in the Urban Fantasy department since the surge in paranormal and young adult novels.

However…though I am no expert…The Fever Series encompasses everything an Urban Fantasy should be.  The main setting, Dublin, is affected by the supernatural elements invading it and the protagonist is thrust out of her little bubble into a threatening reality few can see and called to action to defend it.

So what are the books about?  Well…fairies.  Kind of. 

Fae legend has never been on my radar when it came to reading sci-fi/fantasy.  Vampires, werewolves, witches, demons and angels, mythical worlds?  Yes.  But Fairies?  Never.

I always pictured Tinkerbell…and these Fae are SOOO far from that. 

Karen Marie Moning has fast become one of my favorite writers.  Her world building is phenomenal, her characters are perfectly flawed and irresistable, her plot is unbelievable…you will wonder how in the world a person can hold that many twists and turns in their brain, and she is a cliffhanger writer, (each book leaves you FREAKING OUT), which I love.

And dialogue?  So good you feel like the characters are sitting right beside you.  Some lines are so delicious you just might catch yourself committing them to memory or reading them twice.

And if you love a good hero that has a lot of bad running through his veins, which I do, you must read this series.  Jericho Barrons is the EPITOME of that ideal. (See end of post for quotes by and about Barrons).

The protagonist?  Her name is MacKayla Lane.  I read a few book reviews that loathed her.  They called her stupid and dim and basically hated her.  Me?  I adored her. 

She begins as an innocent Southern girl who, by tragedy, is forced into a world she never fathomed existed.  Her transformation through the series was spot on and I never found her dim…maybe a little stubborn, maybe in denial, maybe having a tough time dealing with her current situation, but I found her reactions, 98% of the time, to be just as they should be.

If you like a little fantasy, then these books are for you.  I suggest you have the next one in the series handy because as soon as you finish one, you are chomping at the bit to get the next.  This is one of those series that causes you to go missing for a few days.  Laundry probably won’t get done.  Kids will think you are a zombie.  Husband will roll his eyes and say, “See you in a week.”

But that’s when you know a book is good, isn’t it?

Let me know if you’ve read the series and if you liked/loved/hated it, and if you haven’t read it, but decide to take a chance on it because of this post, then come back and let me know your thoughts.


**The books are a bit sexually charged, so beware if that is not your cup of tea.

For more info, visit Karen Marie Moning’s site here: http://www.karenmoning.com/kmm/

**Some Of My Favorite Quotes/Lines From The Books:**

“His hand was on my throat, and he was crushing me back with his body into the cold steel beam behind me. “Yes, I have loved, Ms. Lane, and although it’s none of your business, I have lost. Many things. And no, I am not like any other player in this game and I will never be like V‘lane, and I get a hard-on a great deal more often than occasionally.” He leaned fully against me and I gasped.

“Sometimes it‘s over a spoiled little girl, not a woman at all. And yes, I trashed the bookstore when I couldn‘t find you. You‘ll have to choose a new bedroom, too. And I‘m sorry your pretty little world got all screwed up, but everybody‘s does, and you go on. It‘s how you go on that defines you.” His hand relaxed on my throat. “And I am going to tattoo you, Ms. Lane, however and wherever I please.” -Jericho
Karen Marie Moning (Bloodfever)

“I moistened my lips. His gaze fixed on them. I think I stopped breathing.
He jerked so sharply away that his long dark coat sliced air, and turned his back to me. “Was that an invitation, Ms.Lane?”
“If it was?” I asked, astonishing myself. What did I think I was doing?
“I don’t do hypotheticals. Little girl.”
Karen Marie Moning (Faefever)
“I’m not the hero, Mac. Never have been. Never will be. Let us be perfectly clear: I’m not the antihero, either, so quit waiting to discover my hidden potential. There’s nothing to redeem me.” -Jericho
“Deals with the devil, Ms. Lane, never go well. That’s a given. You will not make one again. Do you understand me? If I have to chain you to a $%#$&*@ wall to protect you from your own stupidity, I will!” He glared at me.

I rattled my chains. “Wrists. Beam. Chained already, Barrons. Come up with a new threat.” I glared back.Karen Marie Moning (Bloodfever)

“Barrons was powerful, broodingly good-looking, insanely wealthy, frighteningly intelligent, and
had exquisite taste, not to mention a hard body that emitted some kind of constant low-level charge.
Bottom line: He was the stuff of heroes.

And psychotic killers.” -Mac
Karen Marie Moning (Faefever)

“I’m asking the questions tonight.” One day I was going to write a book: How to Dictate to a
Dictator and Evade an Evader, subtitled How to Handle Jericho Barrons.” -Mac

“Okay, Barrons, it’s time.”
“I am not helping you shave your legs.” he said instantly.
“Oh please. As if I’d let you.”
Karen Marie Moning (Darkfever)

“What are you?” -Mac

“I don’t follow.” -Jericho

“You dropped 30 feet in that warehouse. You should have broken something. What are you?” -Mac

“A man with a rope.” -Jericho Karen Marie Moning (Darkfever)


“If he’d been any other man and I’d been any other girl, I’d have called the narrowing of his heavy-lidded dark eyes lust. But he was Barrons and I was Mac, and a blossoming of lust was about as likely as orchids blooming in Antarctica.” Karen Marie Moning (Bloodfever)

“Punch me.”
“Don’t be absurd.”
“Come on, punch me, Barrons.”
“I’m not punching you.”
“I said, punch–OW!”
He decked me.
Karen Marie Moning (Bloodfever)

“Barrons has something the rest of us don’t have. I don’t know what it is, but I feel it all the time, especially when we’re standing close. Beneath the expensive clothes, unplaceable accent, and cultured veneer, there’s something that never crawled all the way out of the swamp. It didn’t want to. It likes it there.” -Mac
Karen Marie Moning (Bloodfever)

“Last night you said you wanted to know what to expect so you could better select your attire. I told you we were going to visit a vampire in a Goth-den tonight. Why, then, Ms. Lane, do you look like a perky rainbow?” -Jericho
Karen Marie Moning (Darkfever)

“One day you will kiss a man you can’t breathe without, and find that breath is of little consequence.” – Jericho
Karen Marie Moning (Bloodfever)


“The key to resisting Voice,” Barrons instructed, “is finding that place inside you no one else can touch.

“You mean the sidhe-seer place?” I said, hopping like a one-legged chicken.

“No, a different place. All people have it. No just sidhe-seers. We’re born alone and we die alone. That place.”

“I don’t get it.”

“I know. That’s why you’re hopping.”
Karen Marie Moning (Faefever)

“He didn’t just occupy space; he saturated it. The room had been full of books before, now it was full of him.” -Mac
Karen Marie Moning (Darkfever)


“I was about to look away when he reached across the seat, touched my jaw with his long, strong, beautiful fingers, and caressed my face.
Being touched by Jericho Barrons with kindness makes you feel like you must be the most special person in the world. It’s like walking up to the biggest, most savage lion in the jungle, lying down, placing your head it its mouth and, rather than taking your life, it licks you and purrs.” -Mac
Karen Marie Moning (Bloodfever)

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