I Have PWWD…A Writer’s Disease

It’s true.  I diagnosed myself today.

I have Pretty Weather Writing Disorder.

When the blah, blah, dreary and cold weather lurked around, I had no problem hiding in the recesses of my writing cave.  But….now that the sun is out and I can pull out my flip flops and it doesn’t cause me physical pain to sit outside, I can’t seem to find my writing groove.

Why?  I have a million reasons.

1.  I want to go to the gym.  For like 2 hours every morning.
2.  I want to clean out EVERYTHING.  Spring Cleaning is fun to me.
3.  I want to take on all the household projects that have been ignored while I’ve spent the last 6 months writing.
4.  I want to be outside.  Shopping, walking, hiking, gardening, whatever…If it’s outside, I’m interested.
5.  I want to clean out my attic and have a yard sale.
6.  I want to plan vacations.  Take vacations.  I love vacations.
7.  My pool is screaming for me to get it open and ready for the summer…I will spend
     many a day floating without a care in that pool.

Bottom Line?  When I try to write, I have the attention span of a gnat in a one inch by one inch room.

I thought my forced break from the internet had refreshed me.  Yesterday, I could think and focus on my WIP.  But…then again…I sat hoarded up in my home…It was raining and tornadoes were threatening my little part of the world.  Today however, I woke up to the sun peeking through my window and I COULD IN NO WAY MAKE MYSELF STAY IN AND WRITE.

I thought, for a moment, about writing outside.  I squelched that thought quick…because of the laptop glare that would no doubt burn my retinas and blind me.

That was when I knew I had PWWD. 

I’m not sure how to cure myself of this horrible disease.  The problem is that the symptoms aren’t painful.  They feel w-o-n-d-e-r-f-u-l…which only makes it worse.  Throw in my amazing husband and daughters that I LOVE spending time with and you have one amazingly distracted writer.

But…I know that come November, when I retreat to the writing cave once again and my WIP has collected a couple inches of dust, I will regret not making time to write.

So…I admit I need help.  I’m addicted to all things spring and summer related.

If anyone has any advice or has suffered from PWWD, please feel free to leave me your recommendations.  In the meanwhile, I will try to convince myself that writing must come first tomorrow…when it’s 65 degrees and the sun is calling my name….

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