I’ve seen the book I Am Number Four….I’ve picked it up…. ogled it… read the first few pages…

And loved it.

So why haven’t I read it????

I have no answer to this question other than the story is very similar to the YA manuscript I worked on for two years, and I feared finding myself distracted from my current WIP if I got absorbed in that kind of world again.

I have always loved superheroes or stories/movies about people with wierd abilities.

I mean…really…I believed I was Wonder Woman between the ages of five and nine. 

But….I’m not scared of getting genre sidetracked anymore, so this book is about to move from my Wish List to my Have Read List.

I saw the movie trailer and decided to post it here for my YA readers or any other person like me who reads anything and everything or just loves a little sci-fi. 

Have you read it???  What was your opinion???

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