HELP!!! Writer Needs A Schedule Before She Loses It

Okay…I’m not as bad as the picture to your left but I may get there if  I don’t structure my writing time.

The kids just went back to school so I feel like now is the time to make things more routine so that I’m more productive. The only problem is that I’m not exactly sure what I want my writing/blogging schedule to look like.

SOOO! I’m asking you guys for a little help.

The first thing you should know is that I have from 5am -7 and 8:15 to 3:00 to write – Monday thru Friday. The hour between 7 and 8 I’m making breakfast, cleaning, getting the kids ready for school – basically turning into a tornado of domesticity.

The second thing you should consider is that I have this here blog and want to structure my posts to possibly 3 days a week. The problem is knowing what you guys want to hear about. Writing tips? My journey? Monkeys in the jungle?

Next….you should know I have yet another blog. Yes. I know. I’m an idiot. But I have it. And….it’s not your typical blog. It’s a resource site that doesn’t require posts every day. I can easily get by with twice a week. It’s more of a website than a blog but blogs are cheap and easy. Websites are high maintenance so I chose the blog. 🙂

Finally… Know that I am deep in rewrites. DEEP. Finishing this novel before I am, oh, say, 80 would be nice, so I’m going at it full force.

Now…with all that in mind, what is your advice on my writing/blogging schedule? What would you like to see out of this blog? More of the same? Something completely different? Would three days a week mean you’d visit more or less often? Gimme your input 🙂

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  1. If it were me, I'd pick two to three of the most uninterrupted hours, when I was most fresh, for my WIP writing. Then blogging would come when I'm least fresh, more interruptable time…. as for what to blog about? My newest philosophy from my lo-these-6-months of blogging 🙂 is that the most interesting writing bloggers are those who write about their particular journey–like you do already! Your ups and downs, and what makes you, you! Whatever is on your writing mind…. (but that's just me…) p.s. I'll check in again next week when *my* whole world turns upside down when my daughter goes back to college…

  2. I second everything Julia said. Writing/editing is most important to your career, so do that when your brain is fresh and you've got the largest chunk of time. I'd use those early morning hours to catch up on blog reading/commenting, and then do blog writing in the afternoon or as a break when the book writing grinds to a halt.