Happy New Year!


Hi all!

If you can’t tell, I upgraded my site a bit for the new year. Excuse any blunders while I work out the kinks. My hope is to bring readers a newsletter containing goodies like giveaways and free short stories as well as provide info for writers on the writing/query/publication process. My novel, The Traveler (current title), has been in the works for a few years now. After an obscene amount of hard work and research, I’m *this* close to having a final product to send to agents. Historical fantasy across eight time periods is hard, yo. I’m also writing short stories and submitting them to different publications/contests in 2018, so I’ll definitely update everyone on that endeavor as well. 

If you’re still following this blog after my year-long hiatus, I LOVE YOU. If you’re new, I LOVE YOU, TOO. I appreciate you being here.

Stay tuned! Next week I’ll be posting my Top Ten Books for 2018, along with a Top Five from 2017.

Again, thanks for visiting!!

From the bottom of my dark little heart,



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