Guess Who’s Freelance Editing?

Every manuscript needs editing before it’s sent out to the big arena of agents and publishers. If you’re self-publishing? Same rule. Your work should receive a good polish before throwing it out there for the world to see. When a writer lives with a story for months or years, it can be difficult to keep an objective viewpoint about the content. That’s what editors are for! 

I’ve been working with some talented authors for a while now and decided to offer my services further. (This information can also be located on my Editing Services page).

I offer three types of edits:

How submitting to me works:

  • For consideration, please send the first 15 pages of your manuscript to Please include your name (and pen if you have one), genre, total word count, and plans for submission/publication.
  • After reviewing your work I will email you with a fee estimate. Edits begin at $.01 per word for Substantive Edits and Proofreading. $.015 for Line/Copy Edits. The price per word may increase slightly if I feel the text will require more time than normal. I will clarify my concerns in the email with my proposed fee.
  • Quality edits take time. Turn around on a Substantive Edit or Proofread is about three to four weeks. Copy/Line Edits are four to six weeks
  • There is only one me, so my list of clients will be limited. I will post on my blog when slots are full and also when I have availability. Feel free to comment on this page or email me to put your name on the waiting list. I will contact those interested as openings occur.
  • Payment arrangements will be discussed after I accept you as a client. Fees can be broken up into three payments, but understand that edits will also be broken into three sections. For instance, if you choose to break up the total fee into payments, and your fee is $900, you will pay $300 up front for edits covering the first 1/3 of your novel. When the second payment is received, I will begin the next portion of edits.
  • Payment will be through PayPal or by check.


Charissa Weaks is my go-to editing partner for anything writing related. Hands down. From plot problems to grammar issues, structure inconsistencies to character motivation, she can spot every flaw in a story (in record time, too, I might add). She not only spotted the gaping holes in my novel, but she offered helpful and incredibly spot-on advice on how to fix those issues during my revision stage. She’s even pointed me to several writing craft books that I can’t believe I didn’t have on my shelf already! With her help, I’m more confident in my writing skills, and I not only have the tools I need to craft an unforgettable story, but I fully understand those tools and know how to automatically spot them in other authors’ works. Bottom line: I won’t be sending anything to an agent or editor without the “Weaks Stamp of Approval.”
                                     ~Melinda Collins
                                                                                      Paranormal & Fantasy Author
“Charissa is the only person I know who can pull from me what I didn’t know existed. With just the right motivational words, she helps me transform scenes into greatness; turning two-dimensional into three. She asks just the right questions, and sees exactly where things go wrong and why. I don’t know where I’d be today without her incredible eye for detail.”
                                      ~ M. D.Waters
                                                                                       Dystopian/Sci-Fi Author

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