Goal for the Day

I said I was going would post my goals from now on….so here’s today’s:

Write 1,000 QUALITY words…..

Okay…I know that doesn’t sound like a lot much and it really isn’t, considering my novel will have approximately 90,000 words when completed, but there’s
a lot more to this than most people realize.  EVERY SINGLE WORD must be well planned out.  (Notice all the strikethroughs….waste words, adverbs, etc. and I didn’t even get all the errors…multiply this by 1000…lots of editing to do…)
What I write today should:

  1. Have a good voice….my characters should shine through
  2. Be necessary information in regards to driving the plot
  3. Be clear of grammatical errors
  4. Have few if any adverbs
  5. Not be full of empty words…(the, there, this, that)
  6. Not have was+ (-ing verbs) running around everywhere
  7. Not have had and have used too liberally (passive voice)
  8. Not have too many prepositions
  9. Have correct spelling

And last but not least….it should be addicting, dramatic, amazing, follow all the rules above and still get my point across……!!
So…I begin my morning writing session…
Check back tomorrow to see if I met my goal…I will post it here!

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