Get Posted…A Platform For Your Fiction

     Since I am about to literally drown myself in writing this book, I realize writing my short fiction may be difficult.  BUT!  I still want that to be a big part of this blog.  So…….I am offering this blog as a platform for any writers out there interested!  Submissions must be 2500 words or less and be fiction…that’s it.  You can submit your stories to me at  I will pass them on to a panel of readers who will choose a few to post every week.  It will also be announced via Twitter and Facebook. 
     Please keep in mind that there is no prize money….no glory….just me trying to help you get read!  As the site grows I’m sure this portion will as well so now is the time to get your stories in to us!  Please include in your e-mail your name, a brief profile including blogsite or website if you have one, best method of contact, title of your story, genre, word count and of course the story itself pasted into the body…not attached.  I will not open attachments.  Hope this goes well!!!  Send ’em in………..

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  1. This is a great idea and a generous way of supporting fellow writers! I'll send in my submission and tell my writing friends. I hope you don't get drowned in a sea of submissions.