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I’ve had a long week.

This was me at 11 pm every night this week 🙂

I leave for vacation tomorrow so there was lots to do.

Add the fact that I received a Google+ invite, (which totally rocks and will likely be blogged about by me in the near future), and you end up with a busy mom/writer/blogger that didn’t get enough writing done this week. The mom/blogger roles sort of took over…(I’ve been working on The Writer’s Resource for you guys which goes LIVE on 8/1/11).

It’s been a little exhausting and the Writer Me didn’t get to…well…write.

It’s times like this when I start to lose sight of why I’m even doing this.

Does anyone really care what I’m learning on this journey? I blog, I write, I study, I read, I connect…..but why? 

Because it completes me.

I know that sounds cheesy since it sort of came from the mouth of Tom Cruise, but it’s true.

I’ve always been one who finds the little things in life the most precious, and that tiny little bud of bliss that sits in the pit of my stomach, that blooms and fills me up when I write, is one of the most precious “little things” I possess, and that is why I do what I do. 

It makes me happy. Pure and simple.

And…I’d bet if I asked you guys why you write, your answer would be pretty much the same. 

It’s who you are. It makes you happy. 

This is why I chose the post: Falling In Love With The Little Things by Ollin Morales as my Favorite Post of the Week.

His is truly one of the most beautiful posts I’ve read in a long time. And as a writer, I felt encouraged, motivated, understood, and not alone when I read it.

I hope you all click over and read the post. I can honestly say that Ollin summed up pretty much everything that I identify with as a writer.

Our view of things may seem odd to some, but it’s who we are, it’s why we write. 

And after all…what would the world be without stories?

Better yet…what would the world be without the storyteller?

Go visit his site Courage 2 Create.

If you read his post, please come back and let me know what you thought. If it doesn’t motivate you to write, I’ll bake you a pie or something. 🙂


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1 Comment

  1. I got an invite from you for Google+ but I'm scared to try it. Not because I don't think I'd like it…but I already spend far too much time messing around with Twitter as it is now, I'm worried what Google would do to me. I need to be cajoled into it. ;o)

    I'm bookmarking the post so I can come back and check it out when I'm not illegally playing on the computer at work. :O