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This week I’ve been thinking long and hard about Plot.

I’ve studied the three act structure. I’ve ripped apart my manuscript to make sure my Plot Points were as they should be. I have analyzed this thing down to it’s core.

You see…I am, by nature, not a Plotter. I am a Pantser. 

After the rough draft, I sat down to take a long, hard look at my manuscript.  One BIG thing stood out. MY LACK OF PLOTTING WAS OBVIOUS. 

I wanted to cry. I even contemplated having a hissy fit. Because I knew when I started this that structure was a necessity for me

And I paid no attention to that little nugget of knowledge.

Instead, I wrote what I wanted, how I wanted and let the story tell itself.


Things didn’t flow as they should. Key turning points were in the wrong spot. Characters were not complex enough. And conflict was severely inadequate.

Now…granted…all of this is fixable and that’s what rewrites are for. But I’m one of those “find the most efficient way to do everything” people.

And my method wasn’t efficient.

However…it was eye opening.

Some people are Pantser’s and they are good at it. Others need the structure of a well thought out plot.

By nature, I am a Pantser, but by necessity, I am a Plotter.

Now…there are a lot of different opinions on Plot and Story Structure. But, I tend to lean toward the approach of screenwriter’s: The Three Act Structure. I particularly lean toward the ideas of Blake Snyder over at Save the Cat.

My thought is this: Structure is a tool. Tools make a job easier if you know how to use them. 

If you are caught in the space between Pantsing and Plotting, trying to decide whether or not to give Plotting a try, this is for you. 🙂

Click this link to read My Favorite Post of the Week:

Why Story Structure Matters, Even If You Don’t Want It To

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  1. You know, I am a total pantser! I sometimes will come up with an awesome story idea, but the very FIRST thing I think about is… *What is the plot of this story?!* If I can't come up with a feasible plot and work on it with the writing, I push it aside. I don't even let those little voices clamor at me to touch the keys of my computer. I think this is why my stories end up having a good plot. That and taking the most base human needs/ideals/emotions and just run with it.
    Pantsers unite!

  2. @Caledonia Lass See? Some people can pants and are good at it. Me? I write by the seat of my pants and end up with a story that starts slow, sags in the middle and ends flat. 🙂 Sounds like you have a good method.

  3. Oh, I just recently discovered Save the Cat too and am a real fan! I'm not a plotter at all, but I plan to use the Beat Sheet to plot out the YA novel I need to revise, and to plot the next book before I start writing. It's do-able plotting for a pantser.

    And I found this site that does Save the Cat movie clips! They put together videos for a lot of popular movies, showing where each beat comes up along the way. http://mediajuicestudios.wordpress.com/
    Seeing how the Beat Sheet works out with familiar movies (like E.T.) helps me understand it better.