Favorite Post Friday: How To Write A Better Villain

I came across this article on the GalleyCat this morning. Yes…I am up and writing at 5 am.

I wanted to share it with you guys because as I trudge through rewrites one of the things that has come into focus is the importance of  Writing A Better Villain.

The article, written by Maryann Yin, touches on a few ideas I never really considered when crafting my villain.

  1.  Examining yourself….the darkest parts…and transferring that to the villain.
  2. The consideration that the villain doesn’t have to be ALL BAD, that ALL BAD villains are usually boring. Flawing them by giving them a weakness, like a sliver of humanity, makes them more interesting and their fall even more catastrophic.
  3. Allowing the hero/heroine to see his/herself in the villain. 
What do you think? what criteria do you use when crafting your villain?

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