Favorite Post Friday & A Few Other Things

My favorite post of the week was written by Twitter/blogging/writing friend Rick Lipman over on coffee. life. love about Fear for writers.

If you don’t know him, you should. Go follow him. He’s hilarious, and we all need healthy doses of laughter. He also blogs about things writer’s need to hear so be sure to read some of his posts.

In his post on Fear, he mentions that while many writers move too fast through the process of completing a novel and the attempt to get it published, many also suffer from the opposite. A sort of paralysis that keeps them from moving forward from their dream to the point where their efforts manifest into something very real, because well…I think most of us like dreaming. 

Reality is scary. Reality holds the possibility of rejection, and taking that step from the safety of a writer’s solitary cocoon into the literary jungle is sometimes mortifying, and as Rick said, paralyzing for some.

I totally identify with both scenarios.

I’ve been blogging about my writing journey for a year now and I’m still not finished with the WIP I want to submit. And that’s okay because I’m the kind of person that would rather be safe than sorry, would rather wait and get it as close to perfect as I can instead of sending in a manuscript that is less than what I imagined.

On the other hand, I’m also one of those people that could very easily suffer from paralysis because:

  1. I’m a perfectionist, so the question, “Will it ever be good enough to actually hit SEND?” is a very real problem for me.
  2. I HATE REJECTION. And I know it is inevitable. So willingly sticking my head out only to know it’s going to be chopped off is a hard thing to do. (Kind of gruesome description but you get the point).

So…I’m going to keep this in mind over the next few months as I finish this manuscript to pristine quality: I won’t let fear keep me from moving forward. 

How about you? What writing battles with FEAR have you fought?

And please remember!!!

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Thanks Everyone!!! Have A Great Weekend!!


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  1. Wow – thanks for the kind words (and awesome plug), Charissa!

    I selflessly volunteer to help you NOT be paralyzed, because I WANT TO READ YOUR BOOK someday. In fact, this is a service we should start offering for panicking writers.

    But I don't know how exactly we should help writers who suffer from paralysis. Physical therapy? Hypnosis? Maybe a healthy injection of voodoo.

    But we need to formulate a business plan, because I think this can make us rich. Just saying.

  2. I've been battling that fear of rejection.

    I've queried before…many times over the past ten years. This time feels different. This time I want to make it right. I'm taking my time going over the ms before I query. It's almost complete. Eeeek!

    Great post.