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My favorite post this week is actually two. 

The first post really made me think about how we writers sometimes just don’t think outside the box when it comes to developing our characters.

The post, written by Kris over at Fiction Without Placebo, was on The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, a book in a series I loved. Her post made me think: Why did I love Lisbeth so much?

The answer was easy: I like bad ass heroines. I just do. But, even more than that, I liked that she was different; that her life experiences shaped her in a very possible way. (She’s a little disturbed, if you haven’t read the books). But…the outcome that is Lisbeth seems appropriate. 

The point that Kris made was that we often misjudge people by appearances, like Lisbeth. She didn’t look like a genius, but that takes us back to the old “don’t judge a book by it’s cover.” 

My question was this: When we create characters, do we:

  1. Consider their history and life experiences as we should? I’ve definitely read books where the main character did not seem like what the sum of his/her past experiences should have equaled up to.
  2. Allow stereotypes to get in our way of designing more intriguing characters? I know I have and I really don’t know why. I love characters who are not as they appear. I love feeling like the writer has truly taken me to the core of that character and blown me away by what I found there.
Take a minute to visit Fiction Without Placebo and check out this post! 

The second post that hit home with me this week was written by Danielle over at Nourish Thyself. This post struck a more personal chord with me.

I related to her post in so many ways. The post, Open for Goodness, is about those of us that are willing to go above and beyond for others, those of us that give of ourselves, but have trouble receiving for whatever reason.

This was such a positive post that I automatically felt better after reading it.

I am the World’s Worst Expector. 🙂

I was raised watching my parents, who never let a deed go unreturned. If someone helped them, they always felt the need to reciprocate in some way, be it through a card or an invitation to dinner or whatever. My parents were always such loving and gracious people willing to do for anyone that needed.

I inherited this. I am a helper. I thrive on it actually, but I find myself feeling a little hurt when others don’t show their appreciation and I hate that I need it enough that it bothers me when I don’t get it.

Danielle’s post made me realize that it’s okay. Not everyone was raised or thinks like me. Not everyone feels the need to say thanks or return the favor. And it doesn’t always mean they have taken me for granted. The thing is that I find joy in helping them anyway. It’s who I am. Whether it be an uplifting word or a shoulder to cry on, that is the kind of person I am and that isn’t going to change. 

I highly recommend reading her post! Check it out!

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  1. I read both these posts and loved them — so glad I found you via shewrites. I can definitely relate to this post; it's how I was raised too. And it is a blessing and a curse, as they say. I like the conclusion you came to that it's just the way you are and it's not going to change (me too). I'm going to try and enter my link, if I can figure out how, because I just wrote a guest post about meeting/making friends with other writers on Twitter and on blogs, and it just seems to fit here. If I mess up, sorry about that! 🙂