Epiphany Addict

I know, I know….first I was a book addict, now I’m an epiphany addict. But hey…at least I have healthy addictions πŸ™‚

A writer friend of mine, Misty Waters, is the one who coined the term Epiphany Addict. We both experience these ‘epiphany highs’ and believe me…they make a writer’s day rock.

So…Yesterday was a good day.

A really good day.

For some unknown reason, the phenomenon known as The Epiphany struck me like lightning.

Okay….not so much like lightning, but you get the point. One minute I was depleted of creative ideas for this book and the next I was recharged like my brain was simply a dead battery.

It happened in the darkness of a sleepy Sunday morning. Ideas often come to me when I’m sleeping – I suppose it’s because my brain is at rest and at it’s clearest, and if you’ve read this blog, you know I consider myself a Nocturnal Writer. I used to think I would change this if I could, but now I realize my brain is doing all the hard work…I just have to wake up in the morning and put that hard work on paper.

But yesterday morning was different.

In fact it was weird.

It was weird because I didn’t have to struggle to remember everything my brain had worked out. Normally, I end up wishing I’d just gotten up in the middle of the night and wrote it then because I can’t remember half of what went on in my head if I wait, but sleep wins 95% of the time and I’m left trying to put the pieces together come morning.

That didn’t happen this time.

I woke around 4 am, eyes wide. I grabbed my laptop and started writing.

I didn’t stop (except to eat and go to the bathroom) until exactly 3:12 pm. I never once had to think about what to write. It just came… a flood of words from my fingertips.

I’d struggled with the ending of this novel since Day 1, but yesterday it was as clear as a piece of glass. I wrote it….and loved it. And on top of that…really the weirdest part for me…was that I wanted symbolism in the setting and up until yesterday I hadn’t chosen a particular location for the finale of the book. I knew it had to be a park…I’d always envisioned it that way, but to name which one? I had no clue.

Then…before I even wrote a word yesterday, I went to Google and typed in “Famous parks in Dublin.” Now…mind you…the setting for my novel changes. It starts in Seattle (briefly) then moves to London (again briefly) and then on to where the bulk of the story takes place: The Isle Of Man, an island that sits between Ireland and England. I never really considered Dublin as a potential setting, so it was odd for that to be the first thing that came to mind.

St. Stephen’s Green, Dublin, Ireland

I clicked on the first link, and there it was. St. Stephen’s Green, a park in the center of Dublin. As I researched, I found three important pieces of information:

1. This is the home of the Fuselier’s Arch….also known as Traitor’s Gate. I know you all have no idea what that symbolizes in this story, so to make it short, Katherine Shaw is basically meeting a traitor at this location, so it fit perfectly.

Fuselier’s Arch
2. It is also home to a fountain given to Dublin as a gift by the German’s after WWII. The fountain is called The Three Fates. In Greek Mythology, the Three Fates determined a person’s destiny. The first, Klothos, spun the thread of life, the second, Lakesis, measured it (allotted how much time/thread was given), and the third, Atropos, cut the thread of life when it was time for it to end. This is significantly symbolic to the ending of the first book. (Sorry! Can’t tell you why!)
The Three Fates

3.  I needed a way to get Kate from the Isle of Man to Dublin in quick fashion without having her steal a plane or a boat πŸ™‚ The Isle of Man Steam Packet Company is a ferry system that runs not only between the Isle of Man and a few English ports, but also to Belfast and….Dublin. It’s a 3 1/2 hour ride.

So…within a few minutes, I had everything I needed to make the last few scenes of the book work.

I love Days of Epiphany…I wish I had them every single day…and today I’m still riding the Epiphany High.

How about you? Do you experience this? What epiphany rocked your novel the most?

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  1. Christine!! I thought of you last night!! And yes…I would LOVE any help you can give. It's amazing to have eyes across the world to help me with this! Any pictures you may have would be great…I've also looked for a GOOD map of the park online but have yet to find anything. You are an angel!! Thanks so much!!