Don’t Do That!!

   I recently finished a pretty popular YA book and I’m mad.
   Not because I bought the book and didn’t like it, (remember….I am a bibliomaniac..I like to collect any and all books..), but because it was misleading.
   Now…I am usually the least critical person you could get to read a book.  I understand how hard it is and hate it when others bash a writer’s work.  To me it’s unprofessional and just mean.  If you don’t like it that’s fine….so it’s not your cup of tea, but don’t go writing an entire post dissing someone’s book.
   And yet here I am writing an entire post dissing someone’s book
   But….I will not name names.  I will not mention the title or the author.  Instead, I’m going to say why I thought it was bad in hopes that myself and anyone who reads this post may learn a lesson.

  1. DO NOT begin with a false introduction.  This book had several pages written in a completely different voice and tone from the rest of the book.  This however sealed the deal for me.  I bought the book after reading the intro, and was sadly surprised when the rest of the book failed to deliver at that same level.
  2. DO NOT treat me like a hungry horse.  Seriously….the writer dangled the magical “carrot” through 3/4 of the book.  Unfortunately, by the end of the book, I had starved and died and decayed waiting for the threads to come together.
  3. DO NOT mangle your characters.  The entire book showed the struggle of one character attempting to stay away from a clueless girl he was in love with.  (No, the book was not Twilight).  He was doing this for her own sake.  Fine predicament.  But…when he realizes he no longer has to stay away and can be with her, you’d think that would be all-encompassing.  You’d think that since his desire through the first 3/4 of the book was so great and the struggle so difficult, that he would rather gnaw his arms off than leave her side.  But no.  Suddenly, this plight…which has been his driving force in the entire book…takes a backseat and he leaves her…for a fight.  Now.  I know men are complicated, but the writer created a character I believed loved this girl with every cell in his body.  The last thing I expected was for a little revenge to be enough to take him away when there was no real mention or evidence of it beforehand ESPECIALLY since he’d spent hundreds of years trying to be with her.  So…LESSON?  Be sure your characters stay true to who they are.  Don’t have them do something out of character to simply tie up loose ends.  Be better than that.

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  1. I totally respect that you are venting about a book but not naming names. I do that too. Of course, if I'm gushing about a book, I'll tell all! I'm convinced I know which book you're talking about, too. Maybe it's a sign that there are several of these out there, but I had these exact same thoughts about one book in particular, which was highly hyped and has a sequel coming out any day now…

  2. The sequel is actually already out..just release a short bit ago. I was so excited about the book after reading the intro…I fell in love with the romace between the characters and the knowing that they would forever be torn apart. The coming together is why you read the book…and for it not to be magical was heartbreaking. The author was on the right track, but things didn't pull together as well as they could have. It seemed as though by having the male lead do something out of character, she falsified his love for the girl that she so brilliantly described in the intro…Does that make sense??